Top Clothing Manufacturing Companies in USA

The largest market of Apparel all over the world is American Apparel. The American invested around $350 billion-plus in the year 2018. USA – the second-largest apparel market in the world, and is forecast to expand further. USA is the country where the fashion icon is indulging in every wave. Also, USA has the top-leading industries in fashion design, along with the French, Italy, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The clothing made in the USA is enriched with high-quality, guaranteed, and long-lasting. Entrepreneurs love to shop the clothing from United States manufacturers. Let’s understand the top clothing manufacturing company in USA.


List of Clothing Brands Manufacturers in USA

The USA is the leading country of the fashion industry that has top-rated and well-known manufacturers. Let’s discuss these manufacturers’ guides completely:

Argyle Haus

Argyle Haus is the leading clothing manufacturing company in USA – Los Angeles. It is a top-tier fashion design house and caters the different sized businesses – designers, growth-stage companies, and international brands. The founder and CEO of Argyle Haus named Houman Salem. He is the entrepreneur and business strategist of fashion apparel. He took a lot of effort to establish a recognizable name in the circle of this industry. The company empowers the global fashion brand and offers clothing manufacturing services to different brands and businesses.

Rainbow Textile

Rainbow Textile is one of the largest garment groups, supplying an array of clothing lines of unbeatable quality. Rainbow Textile delivers its quality and wide range of products to Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and South Africa in bulk quantity. They always strive to meet international standards. They help multiple of their customers to own a well-reputed business and pursue to enter in the realm of the clothing industry. Rainbow Textile is the name of top-tier and respectable name in clothing manufacturing. From pullovers to zipper hoodies, polo shirts, t-shirts, and jogger pants – they have the best product needed to start your own clothing brand.

Lefty Production Co.

A shop of apparel and other accessories designing, development, and entire production house! If you want to quick start your business line in the fashion field, then Lefty Production Co. is another name from where you can buy products and start your clothing line. Lefty Production Co. is based in the heart of the USA – Los Angeles. They create beautiful products and offer quality services. They also have every sized business that caters for honesty, love, and dedication. The company’s vast product line specializes in active wear, athletic styles, and swimwear.

Euphoric Colors

If you are confused about whom to trust in clothing manufacturing, then Euphoric Colors is the option to click. The company is reliable Clothing Brands Manufacturers in USA – based in Los Angeles. It is a full-service private label apparel manufacturer and always manufactures high-quality clothing. Euphoric colours specialize in manufacturing custom apparel with state-of-the-art infrastructure. They analyzed and packed the product after quality testing. They regularly strive to create a recognized and respectable name in this clothing fashion industry; that’s why they cater to customers with quality products.

Grace Apparel Production

Grace Apparel Production is the name of trust, quality, and standard. Many people rely on this brand and take the products constantly. The company is located in the German District and established in New York, USA. From dyeing, finishing, printing, embroidery, cutting, sewing, quality testing, and packaging; they provide the complete manufacturing process. The company has full-fledged development and production solutions. Their team is completely coordinating with each other and links directly with the designing and development team that makes your clothing brand distinctive in front of competitors.

Stylus Apparel Group

The company was established in 2003 and constantly striving to deliver quality enriches products and makes the value of its name. They are delivering all-inclusive apparel solutions to multiple customers. The company has been gaining popularity and helping start-ups and well-established businesses to make their brand strong and top-leading name. They help you in making your brand distinctive from your competitors. Also, they take the product in the massive amount on demand and always deliver the highest quality apparels. Stylus Apparel Group customizes the products according to customers’ requirements, from selection to packaging and everything that comes in between.

Organic Apparel USA

Organic Apparel USA is a luxury, well-known, and reputable Clothing Brands Manufacturers in USA. They manufacture impeccable products with competitive prices; deliver outstanding services with honesty and dedication. It is one of the experienced and wisest clothing manufacturing companies in USA with over 300 dedicated and passionate employees. They are well-experienced in designing, development, packaging, and customization. Their business core sectors provide end-to-end solutions to boost your business game at its peak. Organic Apparel USA is successfully certified in GOTS. Organic apparel USA is the option if you want to start a clothing business and customize your product according to your desire.

NYC Clothing Inc.

A well-known and reputable apparel manufacturer based in the state of USA – New Jersey! From the visualization and delivery, the team ensures to deliver the products that meet your desire. The company was based in 2008 and is now a proud name in Clothing Manufacturing Companies in USA. Wuilson Quezada is the CEO and Founder of Nyc clothing Inc. Their team is experts in meeting the highest international quality and customer standards. They called themselves a reliable stop where you can buy products from beginning to end. You can also explore custom printing, DTG printing, shirts screen, product customization, and many others in their services. They have a comprehensive product line and satisfied customers as well.

In the End

There are hundreds of USA garment manufacturers. They are every-sized businesses and are committed to quality and client satisfaction, regardless of size. Therefore, these are the companies to check out if you’re looking for the best clothing manufactured in the USA.

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