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Difference Between Cotton & Polyester Fitted Sheets

Figuring out the best fabric suitable for your bedcovers is a tricky job. You often look for a sheet that doesn’t slip off while tossing and turning during slumber. Picking the right sheet is imperative to a perfectly good night’s sleep.

Fitted sheets are no less than a bliss for those who repeatedly roll on the bed while sleeping. As these sheets snug the mattress tightly and don’t pull over.  Moreover, these sheets deliver a smooth finish and save the time you spend every morning in making a bed.

The home textile industry has given you a lot of variety in fitted sheets. These sheets are available in different fabrics and colors in the market. But which fabric is perfect for you? Well, that’s a difficult question as all the fabrics have their own feature. So here we have compared the two most popular fitted sheets to help you decide which one will meet your needs.

The two most popular materials used for bed linens are cotton fitted sheets and polyester fitted sheets.

Cotton Fitted Sheets

cotton fitted sheet

Cotton sheets have been the choicest staple of the sheet market for a long time. These sheets are produced by natural cotton threads to offer a soothing and refreshing feel. Cotton sheets are breathable, make you feel comfortable, and ideal for a cool’s night sleep. These sheets are fabricated by the eco-friendly textile industry, by weaving together the natural yarns of cotton. The length of the fiber increases the softness of the material. Therefore, usually long length fibers are used to make the sheets more soothing. Cotton is fairly stain-resistant, which means it releases stain easily when wet. Its distinguishing feature is that it becomes soft after frequent washing. Cotton fitted sheets for bed are most famous for their luxurious feel and softness.

Polyester Fitted Sheets

Polyester refers to as a human-made fabric that is produced by the raw materials of petroleum. Polyester sheets are lightweight and skin-friendly. Polyester fitted sheets are also less likely to fade after frequent washing even after several years. Polyester is a synthetic material. It is less prone to shrinking and wrinkles as compared to natural elements. Organic polyester or 100% polyester sheets are also labeled as “microfibre”. It’s a cost-friendly option; polyester sheets drape tightly to the mattress, ensuring comfortable and cozy sleeping.

Polyester is not a very breathable material. It tends to trap heat released by the body. These sheets are easily launderable and long-lasting. It is ideal to use warm water while washing and a low-heat dryer. Though polyester is water-resistant, it may absorb oil or grease and produce stains all over the sheets. This wrinkle-resistant fabric dries quickly, and it is suggested to dry polyester sheets in sunlight to increase longevity.



cotton fitted sheet

Let’s have a look at the contrasting features of cotton fitted sheets and polyester fitted sheets. This will give you an in-depth look into the characteristics of both sheets.


Cotton is natural material manufactured by the soft and fluffy seed pod in the cotton plant. Its fabrication process includes knitting or weaving of yarn into sheets.

In polyester sheets, plastic chips are heated or soaked in water and then pressed together to form yarn. The raw materials used for polyester sheets are the acids and alcohol found in petroleum.


With due care, a sheet set can be used for several years. But in most of the cases, frequent washing and drying cycles reduce the life of sheets.

As polyester is a synthetic fiber, it is less likely to deteriorate even after frequent washing and regular use. Therefore, it is resilient against wear and tear. Its durability increases its demand for commercial settings like hospitals, where bedsheets are used regularly and washed frequently.

Whereas, cotton gets softer after every laundry cycle. Though its manufacturing includes a biodegradable material, it’s still a most strong fabric and lasts for several years. It is highly durable due to the strong thread count. Cotton beddings are available in the market with a long-term guarantee of no rip and tear.

Fabric Care

The natural fibers are more delicate and vulnerable. Cotton sheets may lead to shrinkage and wrinkles if not taken good care of.

Polyester sheets are easily launderable, and it is advisable to dry in the sunlight. These sheets are more resistant against shrinkage and wrinkles.

Temperature Regulation

Breathable fabrics in the fitted sheets provide temperature neutrality. But for synthetic fabrics, temperature regulation is mandatory because they tend to trap heat and make the sleeper excessively warm while sleeping.

Therefore, due to the lack of air circulation in polyester bed linens will result in turning and tossing throughout the night. Polyester sheets are less absorbent. If your body produces any sweat, it traps with you under the covers, causing the body temperature to rise. These sheets are lightweight but comparatively less breathable.

Cotton sheets, on the other hand, are very breathable and absorbent. These sheets absorb all the sweat at night and keep the sleeper as cool as a cucumber throughout the night. Their characteristic of not trapping heat makes them very favorable in warm climate conditions.

Comfort And Feel

Cotton sheets are soft and have a crisp feel. These are hypoallergenic and the most desirable option for people with sensitive skin and allergies. These sheets are very comfortable, and it gets soft after every wash.

Polyester sheets are lightweight and have a soft and smooth feel. It may not be the best option for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies. It is because of the lack of airflow and its synthetic nature.


Usually, beddings are easily launderable and dried in machines. But some fabrics are prone to shrinking and tearing and require extensive care while cleaning.

Polyester sheets are easily washable in machines and can be dried in machines too because polyester is less prone to wrinkles. These iron-free sheets can absorb oil or grease pretty easily. Such absorption leads to stained sheets.

Cotton sheets are also easily launderable and dried in washing machines on regular cycles. But these are prone to wrinkles and may require ironing later.


100% cotton bedding tends to cost more than polyester bedding. But while spending on the bed linens our topmost priority should be the comfortable and smooth sleep. Breathable and soft sheets tend to provide sound and undisturbed sleep.

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Usage of fitted sheets

Shopping for new sheets or bedding is a treat. It gives a new look to your bedroom. The home textile industry always tries to make bedding products more inviting and comforting, and fitted sheets are one of them. Fitted sheets are perfect for slumber as these sheets do not pile up when you roll on your bed while sleeping.

Fitted sheets reduce the hassle of making your bed twice or thrice a day. Traditionally, they are known as “bottom sheets” used to cover and protect the mattress. These bed sheets come with elastic stitching around the four corners to offer a perfect fit. Fitted sheets are made with eco-friendly textiles to keep you safe from any skin irritation.

Fitted sheets are designed according to the measurements of the mattress and deliver a snug and secure fit while putting over the mattress.

Here are some uses of the fitted sheets that make them so popular in the home textile industry:

Cotton fitted sheets

Protect the mattress

Jaquard terry fitted sheets

Fitted sheets come in different fabrics, but every sheet is made with the purpose to protect the mattress from accumulating dust. Especially if you have kids, fitted sheets can be a savior for you. Other sheets slip away from the bed and cause dirt and other particles to accumulate inside the mattress. Fitted sheets snug the mattress perfectly without leaving any space for dust. These knitted sheets stretch in all directions to cover the mattress and retain its silhouette after being stretched.

Provide a smooth surface for sleeping

Fitted sheets are used as bottom sheets to deliver ultimate coziness during slumber. These sheets come with a depth to snug up to 14-inch mattresses. If you have a mattress topper, fitted sheets can be ideal for your bed. Due to their elastic nature, these sheets snug perfectly to your mattress and provides a super soft, smooth surface for sleeping. These sheets do not slip off when you roll over during sleep as they hug the corners of the mattress and do not detach from it. You don’t need to make your bed in the morning, just slide your hand over the sheets and experience a neat, and smooth finish without creases.

Good sheets good sleep

Deliver premium comfort 

Lycra fitted sheets

When it comes to comfort, fitted sheets are the real winner. Whether it is cotton fitted sheet, polyester fitted sheet, jersey fitted sheet, or jacquard terry sheet, delivering comfort is the primary goal of all types. Fine, soft, thick threads of yarn are woven together to manufacture these sheets for more softness and smoother touch. The thicker the strands used in the knitting, the softer the sheets will be. Durable threads, weaving innovations, and exemplary finishing processes are the reasons behind these sheets to look more welcoming and comforting. The sumptuous softness of fitted sheets makes them an excellent option for pure and undivided comfort. Perfectly suitable for a cozy and comfortable sleep and continue to feel soft even after frequent washes and drying at high temperatures.

Help your kids relax in bed

There is a particular type of fitted sheet called Lycra fitted sheet that is specially used to calm down your angry kids. If your child has anxiety issues and gives you a hard time sleeping, Lycra fitted sheet can help your child ease his stress. The manufacturing of these sheets works on the same concept of a weighted blanket. It helps to calm the stimulated children and leads them to a goodnight’s sleep. This sheet is similar to an over-sized tube that is slipped over the mattress and removed quickly. The top and bottom of the sheets are open, making them best for the children. They can also crawl from both sides using it as a tunnel.

Jersey fitted sheets

Do not cause skin irritation

Good sleep is most important

Fitted sheets are usually manufactured with eco-friendly, organic threads, and yarns, that do not cause any skin irritation. These skin-friendly, high-quality textiles ensure the health and safety of your family. Plus, waterless, chemical-free dyeing make fitted sheets suitable for sensitive skin. Infusion of synthetics fibres and the moisture-wicking fabric is used to promote healthier sleep.

Provide luxurious sleep in all season

Fitted sheets are soothing and luxurious that stay cool in summers and hot in winters. They have exceptional timeless elegance, extra shine, and softness which makes them more popular among customers. These sheets ensure warmness and softness. All the fabrics used in fitted sheets make them naturally breathable and keep your sleeping surface hygienic and fresh. You don’t have to spend all night sweating in summers if you use cotton fitted sheets while the natural elements used in jersey fitted sheet make it a little warmer in winter.

Good sleep is most important

Save time

Molton fitted sheets

You don’t need to spend hours removing your sheets, making your bed, washing, and drying. Fitted sheets are used to save time. They are easily removed, easily tucked, and foldable. Machine washable and moisture-wicking fabrics are enough to make fitted sheets more appealing and worth buying.

Enhance the ambiance of your bedroom

Fitted sheets come in an alluring range of colors that can turn your bedroom into a magazine cover. These sheets are an ideal option for people who like an indulgent sheet finish. If you buy Jacquard terry sheet, you will love its pattern effect on the knitted terry surface. These shiny sheets give a luxurious look and fit perfectly to the color scheme of your bedroom while making it more inviting.


After a long haul at work, you need a comforting bed that wraps all your worries and provide you with peaceful slumber. Fitted sheets help you with a restful sleep by delivering a smooth surface with a baby-soft feel, and warmth like a mother hug. You can use fitted sheets in your kid’s bedroom, guest room, or your bedroom to have cozy sleep. Moreover, they are also used in hotels, hospitals, and other institutions to deliver comfort and luxury. So, the next time you shop for bedding products, don’t forget to buy deluxe fitted sheets for you and your kids’ room.

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Why Adequate Sleep is Important

Getting a goodnight’s sleep is all about the time you sleep and the sleep cycle or pattern you follow. Its significance is undeniable because it re-energizes the body and makes it fit to function efficiently another day.

 You must have read the wise words of Benjamin Franklin,

 “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

 It vividly emphasizes the importance and regularity of sleeping patterns or sleep cycle. Your sleeping pattern affects everything from your metabolism and weight to your brain function and mood. It boosts your immunization and athletic performance, but adequate sleep is often overlooked as a central health component.


Why Adequate Sleep is Important

fresh morning

Adequate sleep is as essential as taking nutritious food for a healthy lifestyle. But late-night parties and sleeping late is trending for morning larks these days. As Siebern explains, “If people who are night owls, go to bed early they do against their physiology.”

 Though disturbed or irregular sleeping patterns lead to drowsiness, weariness, and exhaustion. Many people are sleep deprived, and they are not aware of it, because sleep does not fall in everybody’s priority list.

 It’s essential to make them aware or counsel them about the significance of adequate sleeping patterns to attain optimal health.

 Life has become too fast and challenging for all; therefore, the sleep pattern is adversely affected to work or achieve more. But its importance shouldn’t be neglected because if you want a head start tomorrow, you need to sleep enough.

 It’s very well said, “You need to sleep well, to perform well.”

The Stages of Sleep

Your slumber is based on a series of 90 minutes of sleep cycles, and to attain the feeling of being fully rested, one needs to complete five or six such cycles. During this cycle, your brain moves from deep non-rapid eye movement (NRED) to rapid eye movement sleep.


 It is characterized by the rapid saccadic movement of eyes- your eyes move back and forth rapidly under your eyelids. Most of the dreams occur during REM because neurons’ activity is quite similar to that during waking hours. REM sleep amplifies your mental and physical performance when you wake up.


 It’s a dreamless sleep, and the sleeper is relatively still during this phase of sleep. This is a deeper and restorative stage; the body temperature and heartbeat tend to get low, hormones are released, and the body is refreshed or re-energized during NREM.

What is the Best Time To Sleep


The ideal time frame to sleep is to synchronize your body to the rhythm of nature and align broadly with the sun’s rising and setting. Because generally, our brain and bodywork efficiently when the sun rises, and they slow down when it gets dark.

The perfect timing to sleep is between 8 pm and midnight to get adequate, restorative, and dream, luxurious sleep. The time when you sleep makes a significant difference in the quality and structure of your sleep.

According to a survey, the people who tend to sleep late at night are more prone to excessive thinking and dwelling on problems, which later leads to anxiety and depression.

Though you can sneak out for a few hours to rest during the day as well, a goodnight’s sleep is essential. If you hit the sack too late – say later than midnight, you’ll end up waking up in the afternoon thus, disturbing the natural sleep-wake cycle.

The Sleep Calculator

Sleep calculator plays a significant role in estimating the sleeping hours required for an individual. It estimates the sleeping hours essential for an individual, according to the age of a person. Because of how much sleep you need, changes throughout your lifetime.

 An infant requires up to 17 hours of sleep, whereas 8 hours of sleep is good enough for an adult. Hence, to attain the feeling of being fully rested, one needs to complete five or six 90 minutes of sleep cycles.

 According to the National Sleep Foundation, given below is the age-based sleep guidelines for all, it consists of :

  • Birth – 3 months-> 14 – 17 hours
  • 4 – 11 months-> 12 – 25 hours
  • 1 – 2 years->11 – 14 hours
  • 3 – 5 years-> 10 – 13 hours
  • 6 – 13 years-> 9 – 11 hours
  • 14 -17 years-> 8 – 10 hours
  • 18 – 64 years-> 7 – 9 hours
  • 65 years and above -> 7 – 8 hours

 The sleeping pattern of everyone varies even within the same age group, due to the different lifestyles.

 For several people, 7 hours of sleep is good enough, and for some 9 hours of sleep is required for proper functioning.

sleeping well

Tips For Better Sleep

Sleeping adequately affects significantly on the health and personality of an individual, and a lot of times, we want to sleep, but one can’t sleep. To improve your sleep health, the following tips can be adopted:

  • Increase your exposure to sunlight; this can help you improve your body’s circadian rhythms, which affects your sleep-wake cycle.
  • Waking up early and subtracting late afternoon naps completely, can help you attain early goodnight’s sleep.
  • Avoid using technologies like TV, laptop, phone, or any screen time at least 30 minutes before bedtime. The light from these gadgets can stimulate your brain and make the ritual of sleeping difficult.
  • Comfortable bedding with fitted sheets of comforting fabrics also helps you attain peaceful sleep.
  • Reading helps your brain to relax, grab a book once you’re in bed.
  • Limit or restrict caffeine consumption because it causes an average loss of 3 to 5 hours of sleep per week.

End Lines

A good night’s sleep has numerous advantages, and it’s essential for the wellbeing and health of an individual. If you’re an adult and aiming for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, the sleep calculator can help you figure out a schedule for your sleep-wake cycle. Enrich your routine with enough sleep in a calm and peaceful environment with comfortable bed space to have a goodnight’s sleep.

 Sleep enough to function well!

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How To Clean Bedroom

The feeling of a well-kept room when you come back from work, all tired and exhausted, is very gratifying and enthralling. But how can you make your bedroom more welcoming and cleaner?

The key to cleaning briskly is to organize your things-to-do list, to ensure what needs to be done first and then gather all the stuff for cleaning, so you don’t have to run around the house a million times for everything.

Assess your bedroom, map out the steps, and formulate a quick roadmap to kick your cleaning in high gear. The key is to attack one chore at a time, instead of doing multiple errands at once to attain clean and tidy space primed for sweet dreams.

Here is the checklist of tools and supplies before you get down to business:

  • Vacuum
  • Broom
  • Mop/ squeegee
  • Dusting cloths and sponges
  • Window cleaners/ wipers
  • Washrag
  • Clean bedsheet & fitted sheet

Get a move on with these simple and easy steps:

well kept room
cotton fitted sheet

Declutter the trash

First and foremost, clear the room from everyday messes that don’t belong here. Clear off surfaces from last night’s snacking, tags of new dresses, cotton swabs after a shower, canes of juices/ drinks such small garbage keeps building up quickly.

Getting garbage out of the way ensures the spilling or soiling of linens and carpets. If your room doesn’t have a wastebasket, grab a sober one for the corner of your room, it avoids accumulation of litter in the nooks and corners of the room.

Declutter the trash
Clear out dirty laundry

Clear out dirty laundry

Pick up soiled and filthy clothes from the bathroom floor, your armchair, wet towels from the bed, and throw them all into the laundry hamper. Opt for an open bin if you can fit the hamper in your closet. Otherwise, the hamper with a zipper can be placed at any corner of the room.

Empty your dirty laundry and start a load in the washer. All your clothes will get washed until you get done with the cleaning mission.

Align your clothes

While still working on laundry, put all your clean clothes aside. Run your hand across the fabric to remove any lumps and fold them neatly, rehang any new outfits you may have tried and left them on the couch.

For an organized wardrobe, tuck all the shirts, blouses, and sweaters on hangers, making sure they all face the same direction. Pair up matching socks and dust shoes before putting them in their respective racks.

Align your clothes

Strip the bed

An uncluttered bed with clean sheets and blanket sets a refreshing tone of the entire room. Even if you don’t enjoy your suppers on the bed, bed linens need to be changed and washed regularly because they are always prone to catch falling dust and spider webs.

Strip the bed, change the pillowcases, spread fresh and tidy bedspread, and conclude the bed by clearing the lumps on the sheets and make your bedroom look spotlessly immaculate.

A neat bed can also hold picture frames or books, where you can align them in apple-pie order after giving them a quick swab.

Strip the bed
Dust surfaces

Dust surfaces

Now that your bed is as clean as a whistle, the next step is to grab microfiber dust wipes and wipe down all the surfaces including tabletops, legs of dressers, front and back of a Chester, TV, bookshelves and picture frames. Straighten nightstand items like lamps and knickknacks and dab them with pre-cut and folded dust wipes to get rid of dust bunnies.  

Wipe the blinds 

and vacuum the curtains

Blinds/ drapes and curtains also collect dust and crumbs if they are not cleaned regularly. Slick up your curtains with the help of a vacuum cleaner; you can use a hand attachment with your vacuum to get to the hard-to-get spots.

For blinds, vinegar, and water solution works like magic, spray this solution on the top and bottom of the curtains and dab with a moist cloth to lock away the dust from resettling and to make it look squeaky clean.

Clean surface clutter

Clean surface clutter

Put the clutter away. Nightstands, vanities, desks, and dressers always become accessible spots for small daily objects which keep accumulating throughout the week. Take out some time and spruce up such drop zones by keeping all the things at their right places because we don’t want to turn it into a game of “where does this go?”, for later.

Keeping the things at their right places once you are done with it saves lots of time while cleaning later. Things like putting the key back in its holder, encasing glasses in its box, and placing it next to the bed after reading at night make the whole process of putting clutter away a lot easier.

Wipe down windows and mirrors

To keep your mirrors sparkling and window glasses gleaming, use any streak-free agents, and wipe down all mirrors, windows, or glass-paneled doors in your bedroom.

If you have young kids at home, clean down right to the bottom of the windowsills, you might have tiny fingerprints down there.

wipe down windows
cleaning bedroom

Vacuum and mop the floor

This is an essential step in the entire cleaning operation. Get rid of dust bunnies with deep vacuum cleaning under rugs and on the carpets. For detail cleaning sweep the floor with a mop, a quick round around the room will also work, but if you have time, take another spin and never leave the spots behind bed or dresser.

To be consistent, start from one corner of the room and work around in uniformity to cover all the places.

For either method, reach as far you can under the bed and move light-weighed tables to make your bedroom spick and span.

Remake your bed

The feeling of slipping under the cover of fresh sheets is very enlivening and invigorating. Since your bed linens are in the laundry, drape your mattress with another set of sheets and comforter with a duvet for the final touch to make your bedroom look spotless and soothing to your eyes.

clean bed
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10 Shocking facts you really need to know about bedding

Ah, I didn’t have a proper sleep!

How often did you say this in the morning? Probably most of the time, when one of your co-workers ask why are you so cranky, and sluggish today?  Poor sleep can foul up your entire day, and you will feel that you have the attention span of a year old. You can’t concentrate on work and sometimes get headaches.

There could be different reasons for not having a peaceful sleep at night, such as stress and anxieties. But did you know that your mattress, bedsheets, pillows, and comforters can also ruin a good night’s sleep? Yes, you read it right!

We spend one-third of our lives in bed, and a peaceful slumber can have a significant impact on our overall health and productivity at work.

Bedding items are the sleeping aids that help a person fall asleep faster. This article will highlight the exciting facts about bedding that you didn’t know and help you with making better decisions in your bedding items.


Bed Sheets have a significant impact on sleep

relaxing fitted sheet

Sleeping on wrong bed sheets can have a negative effect on your health and well-being. The fabric can harm your skin and may cause irritation, itchiness, and trigger dermatitis and allergies in people who have sensitive skin. The synthetic fibers and the chemicals used in dyeing tend to cause these issues and also accumulate dust mites as they retain sweat and are less breathable.

The Mystery of Thread Count

The number of thread counts has always been a controversial topic when it comes to bedding. Many people think that the higher the thread count, the softer the bedsheet. But it isn’t actually correct. The thread quality in the fabric matters most, not the count. It’s the length of the fiber that differentiate quality. For example, a cotton sheet made from long strands of cotton threads is better instead of a high thread count used in the manufacturing. So, don’t get tricked with larger thread counts instead focus on the thread quality, which can be determined by the fiber’s length. Longer is ideal.

cotton fitted sheet

Bamboo sheets are Natural Temperature Control

sheet natural temperature control

There is so much hype about bamboo sheets as they have become the trend in bedding items. If you have any uncertainty about the temperature regulation feature of these sheets, let me clear the doubts. Bamboo is naturally cool and can keep you fresh in summer. It is sustainable, allergen-free, and comfortable.

Texture matters

Perfect bedding is the one with the elements that spark sensation, and it depends on the type of weave that ignites sensations as they come in contact with your skin. These sensations can help you sleep faster and promote healthy sleep.

There are four types of weaves that have a unique texture; they are:

Percale has a crisp and refreshing feel and keeps you fresh while sleeping during summer nights.

Sateen is smooth, soft, and warmer than percale. It is ideal during early spring and late fall.

Jersey is stretchable, smooth, pretty much soft, and perfect to use during late fall and winter.

Flannel is the thickest and warmest of all textures. It is fantastic for long, chilled winter nights as it is a little fuzzy.

fitted sheet texture matters

The color of your bedsheets affects your relationships

bedsheet affects your relationship

Most people might not have heard about this fact. Cotton bedsheets help spice up the art of lovemaking, and red bed sheets are a must for couples to avoid conflicts in marital life.

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Rainbow Hosiery Continue to deliver its Products in Covid-19

Rainbow Hosiery Continue to deliver its Products

in Covid-19 Pandemic by following safety measures in compliance

with SOP and WHO

As the COVID019 Pandemic touches all facets of daily life for almost everyone around the globe, no industry is untouched. Many organizations are facing a financial crisis and trying to overcome the loss.
To save the economy, organizations are operating by following the safety standards of SOP and WHO.
Rainbow Hosiery is also in the mission to continue its production and shipping of fitted sheets to swallow the loss. We ensure to bring quality sheets that are entirely safe from any bacteria to your doors.
We are producing and delivering our items with the same honesty and passion.

Ensuring optimal health by following the commands

of WHO and SOP regarding Covid-19

In our production house, we follow all the necessary preventive measures to ensure health as per the directives of the Sindh Government and WHO in light of Covid-19.

We have arranged:

• Thermal scanners to screen employees.

• Installed Disinfection tunnels at the entrance

• Prohibited the entry of employees without face masks

• Installed washbasins to make sure every employee wash his hand frequently

• We are also practicing social distancing by keeping a distance of six feet between employees.

Other Preventive Measures Include:

• Avoidance of unnecessary meetings

• Handshakes are strictly not encouraged

• Practicing regular housekeeping, such as disinfecting surfaces and equipment, routine cleaning.

• Disinfecting every product in the dispatch department to make sure customers receive their products without any germs.

covid 19 precautions

Rainbow Hosiery COVID 19 SOP Textile industry

(Click the play button)

Maintaining Quality in This Tough Time

to Keep our Customers Happy

This is the time when everybody is anxious about the future. We all are trying to adjust to the new normal, but deep inside, we all are worried. What will be the fate of the economy of the country?
We also have that fear, but we are a believer in “This Too Shall Pass.” We are trying our best to continue our work operations with all the dedication and good craftsmanship.
Our employees are supporting the organization and doing their best to lift the economy of the company and the country.
From knitting, dyeing, cutting, and stitching, to finishing and packaging, we strive to maintain the quality at each step.
The Pandemic has failed to stop our International shipping to Europe, America, South America, South Africa, and other Middle East countries.
We are trying to make sure that our esteemed clients will be satisfied with our service.
The packing of the products speaks the diligence and preventive measures taken by Rainbow Hosiery. We ensure that the products we deliver will be bacteria-free.
We also advise you to disinfect the package before you open it to avoid any germs accumulated on the package while shipping.

textile industry

Employee Protection Is Our Priority

Our employees are our greatest asset, and we are trying our best to ensure health and safety for everyone. If any of our workers don’t feel good, we instruct them to stay at home to make sure other employees feel safe at the workplace. We are responsible for our actions and working according to the safety standards. You don’t have to think twice before making an order as we are your same partner to whom you trust. Let us support each other in this financial breakdown due to Covid-19 and fight with the situation together.

We care for you. Do you?

Expecting the same level of responsibility from your side!

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Types Of Fitted Sheets

Types Of Fitted Sheets That Make You Feel

Comfortable While Sleeping

Fitted sheets are the most trending in bedding items these days because of their snug fit and easy to care features. Fitted sheets cover the mattress and save it from dust and mites. You can securely put it over the mattress and remove it.  Deep pockets around the corners, stretchable fabric, and the firm elastics allow you to have a smooth finish, and it won’t be piled up even after multiple directions you attain while sleeping.

Fitted sheets are available in a diverse range in terms of fabrics, colors, and sizes in the market. If you are a fan of fitted sheets, this post is for you.

Here we will share different types of fitted sheets that are comfy, soft, functional, and most loved.

Institutonal Fitted


Institutional fitted sheets are usually used in hotels, retirement homes, hospitals, and other institutions. They are designed to bring quality to your services by providing a luxurious and homey-feel to your customers who come to stay at your chain of hotels. The unique knitting of the fabric allows it to expand without diminishing its density. These sumptuous fitted Sheets leave a contemporary touch to vintage hotels and contribute to a relaxing sleep to patients in hospitals without any skin issues. They have longer durability, soft-touch, wrinkle-resistant, and the fabric is extremely sustainable for rough institutional laundry.

institutional fitted sheet
double jersey sheets

Double Jersey


Double jersey sheets are expertly crafted from natural, sustainably sourced fibers of jersey cotton, which make them ultra-stretchable and amazingly comfy. These sheets deliver undivided comfort and evenly cover the mattress without any crease as they are crease-free and anti-wrinkle. You don’t need to iron the sheets before put it on the mattress because the fabric is non-iron. Give a chic appeal to your bedroom with some bold and vivid shades and upgrade your bedroom interiors without a fuss. Double jersey sheets are highly fashion-sensitive, can cover the mattress of any size, including twin, king, queen, and size up to a depth of 45cm.

Jacquard Terry


Jacquard Terry Sheets are designed is designed to provide you with unmatched quality of sleep with its massaging effect. It is truly a masterpiece that minimizes the wrestling with annoying sheets that pop off during slumber. They are manufactured from the luxurious, 100 percent pure terry fabric that absorbs moisture and encourages energizing sensation. The knitted terry fabric has a thick texture that delivers a soft touch and preserves the body heat while leaving you fresh and cool. Indulge in this new normal by adding jacquard terry sheets to your bedding collection as they are available in all sizes to cover any European, and emperor UK sized mattress.

Jacquard Terry Sheets
50 50 poly cotton

50 50 Poly Cotton


As the name speaks of its composition, 50 50 Poly Cotton Sheets are made from 50% organic cotton and 50% natural polyester. The ethnic combo of the two most deluxe fabrics make these bedsheets ultra-soft, cozy, and ideal for slumber. All the yarns of cotton and polyester are woven together to produce a high performing thread quality, thus leaving a fluffy and smooth texture that radiates luxury. Enjoy the most peaceful sleep at this fantastic blend of naturally occurring fibers that soaks moisture, soft, strong, and durable. With elastics at the corners that can fit on any mattress size. Plus, the sheet is hypoallergenic and dust mite repellent.

Microfiber Jersey


Microfiber Jersey Sheet helps you enjoy a soothing slumber by taking you off to a fantastic dreamland. The premium blends of super-thin synthetic fibers make this sheet the most comforting, long-lasting, and soft in the world. The enduring microfiber fabric and the stretchable feature of jersey fabric help resist pilling by delivering a snug fit to even the deepest mattresses. Elastics are securely stitched around the perimeters of the sheet and is available in 26 attractive colors that can make any bed a statement piece of the room. If you want luxury for a fraction of cost, then Microfiber Jersey sheets would be your best pick.

microfibre jersey
micro interlock sheets

Microfiber Interlock


Microfiber Interlock Sheets are simply organic cotton fibers that have been richly woven together to form a subtle surface to lie on. These sheets are very durable, shrink repellant, and wrinkle resistant.  These sheets absorb dirt and stand up to stains, which can be a great choice for people having kids or who like to eat in bed. Deep pockets, firm elastic all around with interlocking feature that delivers a softer than silk feel and the hypo-allergenic fabric make it ideal for people having sensitive skin or any other skin allergies. Put it in your bedroom, vacation home, guest room, or kids’ room and experience an indulgent sheet finish.

Cotton Fitted


Cotton fitted sheets are the most cherished sheets in the market. You can easily find them as they are so popular. Cotton is a perfect fabric for summer that keeps you cool, easy to wash, dry, tuck, and fold. The fabric gets softer with time, lightweight, and breathable. The main reason why people love cotton sheets is that they are durable and can be washed easily into any washing machine without any fuss. Even the firmest stains can be washed out from cotton sheets, which is a desirable trait that make the sheets ideal for daily use.

cotton fitted sheet
moltons 50 50 sheets

Moltons 50 50


If you want to cuddle up in a velvety soft sheet, opt for Moltons 50 50 Sheets. These sheets are made from 100% pure cotton that promises long-lasting endurance. The material is breathable and doesn’t get heavy while doing laundry. Unlike other fabrics that are just a blend of cotton, these sheets won’t shrink even after frequent washes, and they are usually tailored oversized, which make them equally suitable for institutional laundries. Your bedding cabinet needs these contemporary sheets in modern, vivid shades that will enhance the ambiance of your bedroom and make it look like a luxurious hotel room.

Moltons 80 20


Moltons 80 20 Sheets are composed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester fabric, which makes them ideal for a peaceful slumber. These sheets are extremely soft that you will release all your stress after getting relaxed on your bed. The fitted sheets aim to protect the mattress from dirt, prepare a smooth surface to lie on, and resist piling during sleep.  These sheets serve their part at their best by working as a comfortable layer between the mattress and you. Deliver optimum protection against bacteria, skin-friendly, cool, luxurious, and valuable material to invest your money.

moltons 80 20 sheets
moltons polyester sheets

Moltons Polyester


Moltons Polyester Sheets are manufactured from high-quality organic Polyester and cotton to deliver a luxurious sleeping experience. These sheets are ideal for baby skin as they are hypo-allergenic and soft. If you are thinking of an upgrade and opting to make your bed a statement piece in the room, go for these sheets. They are subtle, pull cozily over the deepest mattresses, ideal for people who have aversions, and comes in twenty-six alluring shades. These sheets have uncompromising quality and are affordable for every budget. Why spend more on the sheets you are uncertain of the quality when you can buy quality at the best prices?

Melange Fitted


Melange Fitted Sheets wraps you in luxury, elegance, and comfort. They are super soft and could make a healthy choice for your family. If you are wrestling with sweat the whole night, then these sheets are made for you. The high-quality craftsmanship makes these sheets durable and enduring. Minimize your hassle of covering your mattress with sheets properly by purchasing mélange fitted sheets that deliver a snug fit and covers the mattress from all the four corners. Manufactured with finely spun combed yarns of polyester & cotton, these sheets have a subtle luster, enduring quality, and are completely eco-friendly.

melange fitted sheets
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Difference Between Fitted Sheets and Flat Sheets

Bedding items don’t have a diverse category or confusing options to debate on, but still, there has been a topic of the argument trending over the web, and it is “Fitted Sheets Vs. Flat sheets.” People are not sure about to stick to which one of them. If you’re also not clear about them, read this guide, it’ll clarify the things.

What are Flat Sheets

A Flat sheet is a quadrilateral piece of fabric that is placed beneath the blankets and duvets but over the mattress and is usually oversized. The flat Sheet, also called the top Sheet, has been there since the 15th century and used to protect blankets and make bedding feel more inviting.

jersey fitted sheets

What are Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheet snug the mattress in all four corners with an elastic hem and pockets. Fitted sheets were originated in the late 90s and have become prevalent as they are easy to use, snugly tied to the mattress like a glove, protect it, and create a cozy, smooth surface to lie on.

Use Of Flat and Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are the bottom sheets that are used to guard the mattress and ensure better hygiene as they are machine washable. You can lie directly on it, but make sure to use an added mattress protector under them if you want.

They are elasticized at the edges to fit the mattress snugly and can be quickly and neatly folded when not in use.

The simplicity and swift fitting have made them ideal for adding an extra layer of covers as we sleep.

While Flat sheets are the top sheets that are used as a protector to keep blankets, and the duvet covers dirt-free. Today flat sheets are used with mitered or hospital corners, which is a simple folding and tucking technique to make sure they stay put.

They are used as an extra layer of warmth and softness, or separately instead of a blanket when the weather is less cold. You can drape them over the sides of the bed as they are usually big enough from the bed’s size, and have room for tucking under the mattress to stay in place better.

Some people think that a flat sheet is unnecessary as it creates more folding and manual work when making the bed. While others take it as a vital part of the bedding set.

Use Of Flat and Fitted Sheets
cotton fitted sheet
flat sheets
fitted sheets

How to identify flat Sheet and Fitted Sheet

Still not sure how to recognize fitted and flat sheets while buying them? Here are some conventional conducts of picking flat sheets and fitted sheets.

The dimensions of the Fitted sheets should have to match with your mattress as fitted corners won’t tuck properly on the wrong size. For instance, if you have a double bed, you should buy double fitted sheets.

If you use a mattress topper, fitted sheets will work perfectly fine, but if you don’t, you need thicker mattresses for deep fitted sheets to keep them in place. 30 cm is the standard fit for deep fitted sheets, but if you need deep fitting, 34 cm Deep fitted sheets would be ideal.

On the other side, you can buy one king-size or super-sized flat Sheet for a double bed.

In European countries, there is a trend of using a duvet, duvet cover, and bottom Sheet when making the bed. If you don’t want to launder the duvet cover frequently to protect the fabric from multiple washes, you need a flat sheet.

Some oversized flat sheets can be attached to the fitted sheets with buttons at the foot of the bed to prevent the top Sheet pulling out.

Both flat sheets and fitted sheets are available in different fabrics in the market. When you buy them, make sure to opt for the fabric that is soft for your skin, breathable, and easy to wash and care for.


Making bed with a top sheet or bottom Sheet is a topic for debate, but what the upshot is, it is your choice and your lifestyle that decides. Some people want to make bedding feel more welcoming and don’t feel it tough to do tucking, folding, and laundering. They consider both fitted and flat sheets a vital part of bedding items. What’s your thinking?

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