Top 5 Fabric Trade Shows for Fashion industries

Either you are starting your own clothing line or want to market your new brand, in both cases; you must know what a trade show is? For the sake of promotion and getting new ideas, you have to attend trade shows. How can you choose the one trade show near you? And how important it is to participate in the trade show? Let’s find out the answers to all these questions.

Fabric Trade Show

Fabric Trade Show


What are fabric trade shows? 

The trade show is an event that is basically organized to market the products and services of a particular industry. The main purpose of the trade show is to bring together the members of a particular industry. Fabric Trade shows for fashion industries mostly last for several days and is arranged in large cities. Trade shows are not for the public. Members of the company or media only attend them. It’s an opportunity for fashion entrepreneurs to see the latest trends and make connections.

How important is it to attend fabric trade shows? 

Attending a trade show is an excellent opportunity for a startup business to build a network and present your brand worldwide. Or, if you want to start your own brand, then visiting trade shows not only helps you to expand your exposure and make connections but also helps in getting the required fabric for your apparel clothing company.


How to know which fabric trade shows is going to happen near you related to your niche?

Don’t limit yourself to fashion stores only; know which shows are going to happen near you and book yourself. The only way to select a trade show is by exploring. The more you explore, the more you know about fabric Trade shows.

To know about such fabric trade shows, we are going to present 5 Fabric Trade Shows for the Fashion industry.



Among many fantastic fashion trade shows, the pulse is one of the best and most extensive trade show that can ever happen. This trade show is for those who starting their clothing business with trends because it focuses on trends. Buyers and brands mainly visit this event. You can present your brands here in front of the world. Or many buyers fill their stores with next season’s trends.


2-Premiere Vision:

Premiere Vision is one of the top fabric European trade shows that take place in the fashion capital, Paris. From sportswear to denim, this event is perfect and must-attend events for your brand and build a network. Premiere Vision brings together amazing fabrics, manufacturers and many more. To expand your exposure, this is a must to attend the Premiere Vision trade show.



This event takes place in North America and focuses on technical Textile industrial goods. Through this event, the visitor and exhibitor both get a great exposure with potential clients and new business opportunities. Many products group are also there to indulge value in the technical textiles and nonwovens sectors.


4-Fashion Exposed:

Fashion exposed brings together all the international brands and Australians at one spot: the International Convention Center, in the heart of Sydney. The event focuses on menswear, women’s wear, accessories, and footwear. Almost 150 labels present their brands, and this event is one of those from where you can hear about all the new labels.


Fabric Trade Show for Fashion Industry

Fabric Trade Show for Fashion Industry

5-LA Textile:

LA textile focuses on fabric, trimmings, Textile services, and design for the fashion industry. Textile services have been shown twice a year at the California Market Centre in Los Angeles. Seminars related to the industry have also been hosts that you can attend and are open to all.


Let’s Wrap It!

Now you know what a trade show is? How can you know about it and why it is important to attend such trade shows? And also get to know about some amazing trade shows. Before going to an event, schedule your full day because you are going to meet so many people related to your industry. Hopefully, you’ll get what you are looking for. Top garments manufacturers in Pakistan, including Rainbow Textile, also participated and performed well for many years and forth their business. So don’t late more and get ready for the upcoming massive trade show.

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5 Myths About Starting a New Fashion Brand that You Need to Know

Before starting any brand, many people have misconceptions about it and frighten by these misconceptions. And it is suitable for fashion entrepreneurs to know about it so that they can’t make hurdles and grow their brand. Let’s uncover 5 Myths about starting a New Fashion Brand company that You Need to Know.


5 Myths About Starting a New Fashion Brand

Myths About Starting a New Fashion Brand

1: Starting a Fashion brand company is so easy

This is one of the most spreading rumors or misconceptions about the fashion industry. So many people think it’s so easy to start a new clothing line. But actually it isn’t. It requires a lot of hard work and perseverance to create it. Without a proper plan or knowledge of things that you need, factories won’t allow you to begin the process. From fabric standards to a line sheet, you must know each and everything. It’s not a piece of cake that you just head over to the factory and the next day, bomb; you get what you want. No, keep yourself away from such fantasies. And believe in hard work…!


2: You need millions of dollars to start a Fashion Brand

Another misconception about the fashion industry is you need a lot of money in order to take a start. Yes, you need investment for the Luxury clothing brands, but that doesn’t mean you must have millions of dollars. You can make a start with a low budget by selecting a less expensive fabric. Of course, fabric from low to expensive budgets is available. Be smart and go for a low budget. It is not possible to take a start with a low budget. So don’t believe in this myth that you’ll start when you have a lot of money. Just start it what you have!


 3: You must have a degree in Fashion

This is such a wrong myth about Apparel companyMany fashion entrepreneurs in the industry have a degree in other fields, but they have a company or brand in the fashion industry. You don’t need a degree to start a Luxury fashion brandsYou need to have knowledge about how things are going in the industry. Yes, there are many opportunities, courses, or internships that you can enroll in; by the way, it’s all up to you. For the sake of experience, or if you are a noob in this field, then you can enroll yourself. Otherwise, it’s not necessary to have a degree or course in that field. So yeah, it’s a totally wrong myth. Don’t lose yourself by believing in such myths.

4: You spend most of your time designing

This is another myth about new fashion labels. In the fashion industry, a designer spends 5% of their time in designing, and the remaining time they spend it on management, administration, accounting, and sales. When you run a luxury Clothing Brand, there is not only one thing you focus on; there are a lot of things that are going on and play an important role in making it successful. Designers design one thing and to put it into work, a lot of things need consideration for that one design.


 5: You have to build a brand alone

Fashion designing is all about teamwork. You can’t do anything alone, it’s so tiring, and it sucks. You have to hire people with some expertise that’ll help you to grow your brand. Hiring people not only saves you time but also takes your New Clothing line to the next level.

Before hiring, make sure the person you are hiring is dedicated enough to add value to your New Fashion BrandThis is a wrong myth. You can do anything alone.


Wrapping Up!

Every successful fashion brands don’t get success overnight. They work hard and, most importantly, they toil to take risk and begin their business journey. Make a plan for your Fashion Brand Company and be stay focused on your winning point. Your hard efforts will assist in make you the top fashion brand. If you want quality products that help in growth of your business and build trust in front of audience so Rainbow Textile product should be your top pick. Furthermore, Rainbow Textile is the best Garments manufacturer in Pakistanthey own manufactures and supply the product in bulk to many countries like the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia. Rainbow Textile helps their customers to build their brand by delivering quality textile stuff!

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Clothing & Textile Industry in Pakistan

Textiles are created by knitting, weaving, braiding, crocheting, or interlacing fibers to create flexible material made up of either naturally or artificially produced networks of fibers. Therefore, procuring affordable and good quality textiles is imperative for any textiles and clothing manufacturer to flourish. Pakistan is one of few countries that can meet these requirements.

Before stepping towards the list of best textile industry, a glance at the introduction of Pakistan’s textile industry will help the readers comprehend the size and significance of Pakistan’s clothing industry.

Clothing & Textile Industry in Pakistan:

Over the years, Pakistan has become apparel sourcing dream destination for clothing and textile brands. The clothing and textile industry in Pakistan is the largest manufacturing industry in Pakistan. It contributes 8.5% to the GDP of Pakistan. The production cost of apparel manufacturers in Pakistan is relatively lower than other countries like China, Bangladesh, and India, while providing high-quality apparel due to its skilled labor and quality fabrics.

Textile Industry in Pakistan

List of Best Textile Industrialist in Pakistan:

Here is our look at the best and largest textile and garments manufacturers in Pakistan.

1. Rainbow Textile:

Founded in 1992, Rainbow Textile focuses on the design and product development. Additionally, a best-in-class manufacturing process and efficient supply chain capabilities ensure the best customer service in the industry. With a team of hundreds of people, Rainbow Textile continues to expand its clothing and textile sector.

Rainbow Textile currently focuses on running, cycling, and most other hoodies and sweaty pursuits.

Products included but not limited to:

The company is also engaged in the business of manufacturing a wide array of yarn and bed linens. The company is one of the largest exporters of home textile products to countries like Europe, America, South America, South Africa, and the Middle East, with a significant market share.

2. Rijiz International

Rijiz International was founded in 2010 in Sialkot, and since its launch, it has grown in Pakistan. The company meets European manufacturing standards and is therefore approved and qualified to be a textile manufacturer in Europe. Moreover, it is a valid and registered company with the European Taxation and Customs Union. They specialize in the manufacturing of:

  • Pant/ Jeans / Trousers
  • Shirts/ T-shirts/ Tops
  • Denimwear
  • Sportswear
  • Sleepwear

However, the company may not be able to produce large quantities for clients that palace large orders.

Textile Industry

3. ZK International:

ZK International is a solely Pakistan-based textiles manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. They export both knit and woven garments. They started small

The company founded due to the apparent need in the Pakistan Textile Industry for high-quality products and services.

Located in Faisalabad – “The Textile City of Pakistan,” the company connected to all major cities, with proximity to raw material sources and accessibility to modern shipping ports.

4. Focus Sports:

Focus Sports launched in 2013 to become the leading manufacturers of sports apparel in Pakistan. Their product range includes:

  • Shorts / Skirts
  • Shirts / T-shirts / Tops
  • Active Wear
  • Pants / Trousers

This company is perfect for small start-ups as the minimum order quantity is 50-10 for overall products. In addition, the company known for providing top-notch quality and timely shipments to maximize customer satisfaction.

5. Garment Resources:

Garment Resources formed in 2003 in Karachi by Adnan Abbas. They have an impressive portfolio with the experience of working with international brands from Australia and Europe. They have recently expanded into the UAE market as well. The company specializes in fashion and workwear with the capacity of producing 15,000 articles per month. It is one of the top clothing manufacturers in Pakistan.

Their products include:

  • Blouses
  • Gloves
  • Coats
  • Shirts
  • jeans

However, Garment Resources may not be preferable for the companies with bulk orders as the production capacity limited to 15,000 pieces per month. But it is the perfect one-stop solution for emerging clothing brands.

Bottom Line:

According to our extensive research, the list above is not exhaustive but rather provides the best textile industry in Pakistan. The companies mentioned above are top Pakistan clothing manufacturers certified with top-notch quality standards and can cater to small and large businesses with high and low minimum order quantities.

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Best Textile Company in Pakistan

The textile industry plays a significant role in the economic development of Pakistan. Approximately 38% of the manufacturing labor force is employed in the garment industry, making Pakistan the 8th largest exporter of textiles in Asia.

It is a country with an abundance of cotton fiber, which contributes to a great extent to the exports of Pakistan. Moreover, we have a solid supply base for all man-made yarns and fabrics from cotton to rayon. This abundance of raw material is a critical benefit for Pakistan due to its beneficial impact on cost and operational lead time

List of Best Textile Companies in Pakistan:

These are the leaders of Pakistan’s Textile industry and the best garments manufacturers in Pakistan.

1. Zaib Textile Group – Faisalabad:

Zaib Textiles is the best textile company in Pakistan. Based on its wholly-owned and operative capability, Zaib Textile is driven by the effort to excel in whatever they do. The company has strived to create a niche in weaving and spinning, making it a successful apparel company. With growing strengths in design, research, manufacturing, and product development, they have achieved a coveted position in the industry yet continuously aim to scale even greater heights.

2. Fazal Clothing Mills – Muzaffargarh:

Fazal Clothing was founded in 1966. Since its launch, it has successfully catered to its customers with high-quality products. It is one of the best clothing manufacturers in Pakistan. Their foundation stone is placed in Muzaffargarh, and now it is also listed in the stock exchanges of major cities like Karachi and Lahore. The company is solely engaged in the manufacturing and sale of yarn and fabric. It aims to provide the best customer service to its clientele. The utmost commitment to quality standards has been the sole reason Fazal Clothing Mills has grown incredibly over the last couple of years. Today, it has become the best textile company in Pakistan.

3. Rainbow Textile – Karachi:

Rainbow Textile was established in 1992. The Company provides the best apparel and home textiles in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, and service while staying observant of fulfilling their responsibilities as corporate citizens.

Rainbow Textile is one of the best textile companies in Pakistan, with a local and international clientele. It always aims at providing its clients with top-notch quality products and has pride in itself as a fabric manufacturer of high-quality fabric. It believes in an ever-evolving fashion world. They have a complete setup from weaving, knitting, sewing, dyeing, printing, embroidery to packaging. They use modern technology with high-speed ring frames to produce yarn.

4.  Nishat Mills Ltd – Lahore:

Nishat Mill Ltd was established in 195; it is the flagship company of Nishat Group. It is the largest, modern, and vertically integrated textile company in Pakistan. It is a premier business house in Pakistan. Nishat group has its presence in all major sectors, including Textiles, Cement, Banking, Power Generation, Insurance, Agriculture, and Paper Products.

The company’s production facilities include weaving, spinning, stitching, and processing. They aim to anticipate market trends, offer their clients multiple options to expand their existing ranges, and have always responded to a dynamic marketplace. Nishat Mills is considered at par with multinationals operating locally in terms of its management skills and quality products.

5. Capital Spinning Mills Ltd – Raiwind:

Capital Spinning Mills Ltd is one of the leading groups and the emerging textile company in Pakistan through their effortless hard work, dedication, and the grace of God. The company is broadly diversified, which makes it one of the best clothing manufacturers in Pakistan.

Capital Spinning Mills Ltd is a respected and trusted name in the textile world, known for its impeccable creditworthiness and financial soundness. They are the manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of fabrics. Their products include cotton yarn, synthetic yarn, cotton fabrics, and polyester yarn. The company was launched in 1990, and since then, it has continued to grow as a diversified business.


In Pakistan, the textile industry contributes almost one-fourth of industrial value-added, therefore, claims to be the backbone of economic growth and development. But the backbone of the export sector is facing new issues that should be dealt with promptly. The government should take serious initiatives to protect the local industry. Clothing manufacturers in Pakistan are the highest foreign exchange earners and the most significant urban employment providers.

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