Why Do Fitted Sheet Come Off Crucial

Let me give you a scenario, you have just slammed in your brand new sheets. They are comfy and cozy just to your liking. You can’t resist cuddling in your sheets for a peaceful slumber. Just one problem your sheets fail to stay in place. No matter what you have tried, they always slip and over the sidesNow you can think of the only solution and that is to staple them there and leave it at that.

Wait! We have a better solution for your sheets to stay in place. Stick with us, take notes, and put the stapler away. You don’t need it anymore! Here we are going to highlight the mistakes most people make while dressing their beds and tricks to ensure a comfy and inviting bed that lets you sleep easy:

You’re Not Putting Your Fitted Sheet Correctly

It is life’s little mysteries the annoying sheets never stay in place and disrupt your sleep every time it pops off!

What could be the problem? It boils down to one of the two reasons:

  • You put your fitted sheet incorrectly: Look at the backside of your pesky fitted sheet. One of the four corners must have a tag sewn into the side seam. For a perfect snug, the tagged seam belongs over the bottoms right corner of the mattress.
  • The sheet’s pocket depth is wrong: Mattresses come in a wide range of thicknesses, and the pocket depths of sheets vary accordingly. When a fitted sheet doesn’t have the right pocket depth for your mattress, the pockets will not hold the sheet taut and will slip off easily. It is imperative to always measure the depth of your mattress and buy a new fitted sheet that fits!

Poor Quality Sheets

Sheets have the potential to either improve or ruin your sleep quality. Here are the things to consider ensuring peaceful slumber:

  • Sheets manufactured with natural and breathable fibers tend to feel softer to your skin, like 00% cotton sheets. Polyester sheets are also called microfiber sheets, they smooth and soft but they will make you perspire and don’t let your skin breathe.
  • Thread quality is also important for a peaceful sleep. Always check the type of yarn used, natural is always better.
  • Sweaty or over-heated? Whether you are prone to night sweats or you sleep on a foam mattress that retains heat, 100% cotton sheets will keep you cooler because they are moisture-wicking by nature. If your sheets are not sweating absorbent, try sheets with a cotton blend.
  • Clean fresh sheets always feel good and improve the quality of sleep. Whereas dusty sheets feel grubby, so change your sheets weekly for a comfortable slumber.

Let Your Bedding Air

If your turning and tossing during slumber are fuelled by an allergic reaction to dust mites, then the right time to make your bed is NOT when after you wake up. Experts recommend leaving your bed unattended for a couple of hours the light and air will dry the moisture, reducing the dust mites and allergenic reactions.

Don’t Waste Time Ironing Sheets

There is no chore people dislike more than ironing. But if you don’t like the crinkled sheet, consider the following:

  • It is better not to get them creased. Putting them on while they are still hot from the dryer may solve the problem.
  • Embrace wrinkles, it is trending.

Ignoring That Pile of Pillows

Do you like a pile of pillows? They can be bad news for your skin and health you need to wash them regularly. They may trap bacteria, dirt, and allergens that trigger asthma and sneezing. It is imperative to wash your pillows and pillowcases regularly.

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