What To Keep In Mind Before You Go To Buy Fitted Sheets?

You spend one-third of your day cuddled up, between the sheets, so why not make your bed of a kind you can’t wait to crawl into? Fitted sheets are an integral part of the bedding as they make the very first layer of the bedding. Buying good quality fitted sheets is the right thing to do because they ensure a peaceful goodnight’s sleep. Buying fitted sheets solely depend on your aesthetic appeal. You will have to make sure you are investing in the bedding that feels great and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Here are the things you need to know before tossing through the labels and claims of different fitted sheets:

Elasticized & Well-structured Corners

Fitted sheets snug the mattress perfectly. Its corners have elastic surroundings which help them stay in place. And don’t come out when you toss around while sleeping. The quality of the elasticized corners is crucial to keep it intact and perfectly fitted to the mattress.

Choose Breathable Fabric

A goodnight slumber starts with cozy, soft sheets that let your body breathe. 100% cotton is always an excellent go-to as it is soft and affordable. If you prefer Extra-Long Staple cotton, like Pima or Egyptian, it is even softer and durable. The downside is these sheets may be a little heavy on the pocket. You can also pick cotton/polyester blends. This fabric has somewhat a synthetic feel but the polyester makes it inexpensive, more durable, and less prone to wrinkling.

Pay Attention to the Thread Count

Thread count is very important when you are shopping for bedding. You should always remember that the sheets whose thread count lies between 200 to 400 are the perfect choice for good wear and to get the softest feel. The higher the thread count, the more elegant feel of a fabric. They are durable and soft. The sheets that come with a thread count less than 150 can be uncomfortable and a waste of money because such sheets do not last long. It is crucial to consider the durability of sheets before buying.

Consider the weave

Your primary options are sateen or percale. Sateen is a satin weave that feels silky smooth. One of the classic weaves used for sheets is percale, it feels light and crisp. It’s a matter of personal preference and aesthetic appeal to choose any of these.

Don’t Assume It Will Fit Your Mattress

Standard sizes, like king or queen, do not account for mattress depth. So before you go shopping, it is imperative to measure the depth of your mattress and add 2 inches to each side as you need an adequate fabric to tuck in. You should also account for some shrinkage after the first washing. Be sure you know exactly what you need when you shop.

Always Check the Return Policy

It is not easy to know whether you will like sleeping on the sheets until you have tried them. Some brands allow you to make returns within a few days after purchasing. And some brands have no return or exchange policy. Look for the brands that agree on a return policy.


These are the things you should always keep in mind before dressing your bed. Everyone loves comfortable bedding, but don’t forget to consider every aspect prior to shopping!

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