Types Of Fitted Sheets That Make You Feel Comfortable

Types Of Fitted Sheets That Make You Feel Comfortable While Sleeping

Fitted sheets are the most trending in bedding items these days because of their snug fit and easy to care features. Fitted sheets cover the mattress and save it from dust and mites. You can securely put it over the mattress and remove it.  Deep pockets around the corners, stretchable fabric, and the firm elastics allow you to have a smooth finish, and it won’t be piled up even after multiple directions you attain while sleeping.

Fitted sheets are available in a diverse range in terms of fabrics, colors, and sizes in the market. If you are a fan of fitted sheets, this post is for you.

Here we will share different types of fitted sheets that are comfy, soft, functional, and most loved.

Institutional Fitted Sheets

Institutional fitted sheets are usually used in hotels, retirement homes, hospitals, and other institutions. They are designed to bring quality to your services by providing a luxurious and homey-feel to your customers who come to stay at your chain of hotels. The unique knitting of the fabric allows it to expand without diminishing its density. These sumptuous fitted Sheets leave a contemporary touch to vintage hotels and contribute to a relaxing sleep to patients in hospitals without any skin issues. They have longer durability, soft-touch, wrinkle-resistant, and the fabric is extremely sustainable for rough institutional laundry.

Institutional Fitted Sheets
double jersey sheets

Double Jersey Sheets

Double jersey sheets are expertly crafted from natural, sustainably sourced fibers of jersey cotton, which make them ultra-stretchable and amazingly comfy. These sheets deliver undivided comfort and evenly cover the mattress without any crease as they are crease-free and anti-wrinkle. You don’t need to iron the sheets before put it on the mattress because the fabric is non-iron. Give a chic appeal to your bedroom with some bold and vivid shades and upgrade your bedroom interiors without a fuss. Double jersey sheets are highly fashion-sensitive, can cover the mattress of any size, including twin, king, queen, and size up to a depth of 45cm.

Jacquard Terry Sheets

Jacquard Terry Sheets are designed is designed to provide you with unmatched quality of sleep with its massaging effect. It is truly a masterpiece that minimizes the wrestling with annoying sheets that pop off during slumber. They are manufactured from the luxurious, 100 percent pure terry fabric that absorbs moisture and encourages energizing sensation. The knitted terry fabric has a thick texture that delivers a soft touch and preserves the body heat while leaving you fresh and cool. Indulge in this new normal by adding jacquard terry sheets to your bedding collection as they are available in all sizes to cover any European, and emperor UK sized mattress.

Jacquard Terry Sheets
50 50 poly cotton

50 50 Poly Cotton Sheets

As the name speaks of its composition, 50 50 Poly Cotton Sheets are made from 50% organic cotton and 50% natural polyester. The ethnic combo of the two most deluxe fabrics make these bedsheets ultra-soft, cozy, and ideal for slumber. All the yarns of cotton and polyester are woven together to produce a high performing thread quality, thus leaving a fluffy and smooth texture that radiates luxury. Enjoy the most peaceful sleep at this fantastic blend of naturally occurring fibers that soaks moisture, soft, strong, and durable. With elastics at the corners that can fit on any mattress size. Plus, the sheet is hypoallergenic and dust mite repellent.

Microfiber Jersey Sheets

Microfiber Jersey Sheet helps you enjoy a soothing slumber by taking you off to a fantastic dreamland. The premium blends of super-thin synthetic fibers make this sheet the most comforting, long-lasting, and soft in the world. The enduring microfiber fabric and the stretchable feature of jersey fabric help resist pilling by delivering a snug fit to even the deepest mattresses. Elastics are securely stitched around the perimeters of the sheet and is available in 26 attractive colors that can make any bed a statement piece of the room. If you want luxury for a fraction of cost, then Microfiber Jersey sheets would be your best pick.

Microfibre Jersey
micro interlock sheets

Microfiber Interlock Sheets

Microfiber Interlock Sheets are simply organic cotton fibers that have been richly woven together to form a subtle surface to lie on. These sheets are very durable, shrink repellant, and wrinkle resistant.  These sheets absorb dirt and stand up to stains, which can be a great choice for people having kids or who like to eat in bed. Deep pockets, firm elastic all around with interlocking feature that delivers a softer than silk feel and the hypo-allergenic fabric make it ideal for people having sensitive skin or any other skin allergies. Put it in your bedroom, vacation home, guest room, or kids’ room and experience an indulgent sheet finish.

Cotton Fitted Sheet

Cotton fitted sheets are the most cherished sheets in the market. You can easily find them as they are so popular. Cotton is a perfect fabric for summer that keeps you cool, easy to wash, dry, tuck, and fold. The fabric gets softer with time, lightweight, and breathable. The main reason why people love cotton sheets is that they are durable and can be washed easily into any washing machine without any fuss. Even the firmest stains can be washed out from cotton sheets, which is a desirable trait that make the sheets ideal for daily use.

Cotton Fabric Sheet
moltons 50 50 sheets

Moltons 50 50 Sheets

If you want to cuddle up in a velvety soft sheet, opt for Moltons 50 50 Sheets. These sheets are made from 100% pure cotton that promises long-lasting endurance. The material is breathable and doesn’t get heavy while doing laundry. Unlike other fabrics that are just a blend of cotton, these sheets won’t shrink even after frequent washes, and they are usually tailored oversized, which make them equally suitable for institutional laundries. Your bedding cabinet needs these contemporary sheets in modern, vivid shades that will enhance the ambiance of your bedroom and make it look like a luxurious hotel room.

Moltons 80 20 Sheets

Moltons 80 20 Sheets are composed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester fabric, which makes them ideal for a peaceful slumber. These sheets are extremely soft that you will release all your stress after getting relaxed on your bed. The fitted sheets aim to protect the mattress from dirt, prepare a smooth surface to lie on, and resist piling during sleep.  These sheets serve their part at their best by working as a comfortable layer between the mattress and you. Deliver optimum protection against bacteria, skin-friendly, cool, luxurious, and valuable material to invest your money.

moltons 80 20 sheets
moltons polyester sheets

Moltons Polyester Sheet

Moltons Polyester Sheets are manufactured from high-quality organic Polyester and cotton to deliver a luxurious sleeping experience. These sheets are ideal for baby skin as they are hypo-allergenic and soft. If you are thinking of an upgrade and opting to make your bed a statement piece in the room, go for these sheets. They are subtle, pull cozily over the deepest mattresses, ideal for people who have aversions, and comes in twenty-six alluring shades. These sheets have uncompromising quality and are affordable for every budget. Why spend more on the sheets you are uncertain of the quality when you can buy quality at the best prices?

Melange Fitted Sheets

Melange Fitted Sheets wraps you in luxury, elegance, and comfort. They are super soft and could make a healthy choice for your family. If you are wrestling with sweat the whole night, then these sheets are made for you. The high-quality craftsmanship makes these sheets durable and enduring. Minimize your hassle of covering your mattress with sheets properly by purchasing mélange fitted sheets that deliver a snug fit and covers the mattress from all the four corners. Manufactured with finely spun combed yarns of polyester & cotton, these sheets have a subtle luster, enduring quality, and are completely eco-friendly.

melange fitted sheets