Top 10 Products of Home Textiles

The home textile industry is the most innovative sphere of fashion. The industry has covered every product that can bring lively and refreshing colors of excitement to your life. Be it your bedding cabinet, or if it is your overall home interior regarding fabrics, in which you always crave for some revolutionary designs and comfort as well. The home textiles market is satisfying the gist of homemakers to transform their home into a living paradise. From refreshing designs of bed sheets, window coverings, wallpapers, upholstery, shower curtains, aprons, or curtains, all are inspired with current trends. Here are some popular home textile products that are available in vibrant shades, elegant prints, and soft, sleek fabrics. Pick them all to revamp every corner of your home with some latest edits that complement the color of your floor, walls, tiles of your kitchen and bathroom, and living hall.

Sheets & Pillowcases

Sheets and pillowcases are an essential component of every bedding cabinet. Many people like their bedding to be cozy and comfortable to sleep. For a better sleeping atmosphere, different people tend to have different choices of fabrics. Pillowcases are an integral part of every bed sheet set and offer the same comfort and luxury as your sheets.

Sheets come in different forms, simple sheets, elasticized or fitted sheets, and flat sheets.

Flat sheets are used under a comforter or blanket to protect it from dust while fitted bed sheets are used as bottom sheets to protect the mattress by holding it tightly with elasticized corners.

Fitted sheet are gaining more popularity these days. The textile industry has a wide range of collections in fitted sheets. Categorizing them due to the difference in fabric or material.

Sheets and Pillowcases
Cotton Sheets

Cotton fitted sheet

It’s a top-selling fabric when it comes to fitted sheets. Cotton sheets are manufactured by using multiple cotton threads that are woven together to fabricate a flawless cotton sheet. Due to its elastic nature, it is stretchable and fits perfectly with the mattress. Since cotton is a very smooth and skin-friendly fabric, it is ideal for every season. Especially in summer as it is naturally breathable. It is easy to launder. You can simply machine wash the sheets.

Jersey Fitted Sheet

Jersey fitted sheets are tailored to snug your mattress perfectly. This matchless sensation is knitted by the art of machinery to make it soft to your skin. The softness of jersey fabric makes it a great option for pure and undivided comfort. The fabric stretches out crease-free on multiple sized mattresses and returns to its original shape because of the knitted yarns.

Jersey Sheets
Polyester Fitted Bed Sheets

Polyester Fitted Sheet

Polyester sheets are lightweight and skin-friendly. These sheets are silky soft and sleek that give a luxurious look to your bedroom. Polyester is a man-made synthetic material. These linens are not prone to shrinkage or wrinkling like natural materials. It’s manufactured in a way that makes it very soft and soothing to feel. It is incredibly resilient against wear and tear and magnificently durable.


Blankets serve an essential role in providing a cozy, peaceful sleep in winters. They are made of different compositions to offer several degrees of softness, warmth, and durability. Most of the blankets you see in the market are woven, but stitch-knitted or stitch-knitted or onto a polyurethane foam base. The yarns used in blankets are composed of blends of polyester, cotton, wool, acrylic, or nylon.

You will find three types of blankets in the market, which include thermal, conventional, and flocked polyurethane. All three types have a uniqueness in terms of appearance and texture while all three types offer warmth, durability and care.

Top Blankets Pakistan
White Duvets Pakistan


Duvets are flat bag filled with down or feather. They were originated from Europe and now used in many homes as a blanket in light weather conditions.


Comforters are also a class of blanket that is intended to keep you warm during slumber. You can also use them as mattress pads in cool weather conditions. Comforters are the modern matters cover or substitute of blankets available in a large and rectangular shape.

comforters Bubble Bed Sheet Pakistan
Floor Coverings

Floor Coverings

Carpets and rugs are the two vital floor coverings that have been using since ages. Carpets are glued to the floor while rugs are movable. They are of different sizes. Carpets are more prevalent where it is customary for the people to sit on the floor. They serve the purpose of decorating the house with contrasting colors, as well as aesthetic purposes. You can make floor coverings of any fabric of your choice, but sturdy fabrics are preferable.

Rugs have a smooth upper layer and the coercive layer underneath. Rugs are used as floor coverings, mattresses, and wall decorations. They enhance the beauty of the interior of the house.

Seating or upholstery textiles

Upholstery textiles used for home furnishing are divided between fixed upholstery and loose covers.

Fixed upholstery is a common furnishing trend almost in every house. It includes any textile which spreads over the frame through stapling and gluing. Boucle type fabric gives an overall textured appearance.

Seating or upholstery textiles
Wall hangings, coverings, and curtains

Wall hangings, Coverings & Curtains

From an aesthetic point of view, wall textiles are taking overpaints. Wall textiles include wall hangings, wall coverings, and curtains. Wall hangings are widely available in varying widths and heights according to the size of the window. They are easily moveable and replaceable.

Today, many textile industries manufacture a wide range of wall coverings in the form of tapestries. They are available in different colors with innovative designs. You will also see a fine range of curtains in different designs, floral patterns, vivid colors or fabrics to enhance the ambiance of your living room.

Terry towels & shower curtains

Bathroom textile includes shower curtains and terry towels. Shower curtains need waterproof material, and plastic is ideal for it. It plays an essential role in the coating of shower curtains, making them waterproof. Printed plastic curtains add colors to the bathroom. Whereas, curtains with vinyl coating or contrasting design with towels hangers are also popular.

Terry towels also reserve a special place in bathroom textiles. These include a wide range of dyed fabrics with jacquard and floral designs.

Terry towels and shower curtains
Table textiles

Table textiles

To bring new colors to your dining area, table textiles can be your best bet. Table textiles include table cloth and table mates. There are different designs and patterns available in table textiles, which include:

  • Jacquard
  • Embroidered
  • Woven cotton material
  • Non-woven includes nylon and polyester fabric.

The table runners and table mats are beautifully designed with different patterns, according to the interior decor of the room. They enhance the aesthetics of the interior.

Kitchen linens

Kitchen linens hold a wide variety of products which includes aprons, pot holder, mittens, or dishcloths.

Aprons are used as an outer protective staple to cover the front of the body while you cook something. People wear aprons for hygienic reasons and to protect clothes from oil stains, and other wear and tear.

Potholders are made of polyester or polyester-cotton blend used to hold the kitchen vessels, such as pans, pots, etc. While Mittens are the gloves, you wear while baking or handling hot utensils.

Kitchen linens