The Ultimate Guide To Layer Your Bed In Style

Bedrooms in magazines create the perfect image of comfort and tranquillity. They always appear sumptuous and plush. The mantra is to ponder into the detail of bedding basics.

Cozy and stylish bedding doesn’t mean you need to buy a whole new suite for a seasonal and sleep-friendly look. You can mix and match with little creativity and acquire the necessary stuff from outside. To design a cozy and stylish bed, you need to follow layer by layer steps that are listed in this article. It includes everything from buying the best duvets to the classy pillows and sheets. Check out the most creative and innovative ways in which you’ll exactly understand what to put on your bed.

Types of Layer by Look

Ever wondered how these style icons make the beds in magazines look so stunning? The detailed overview of different layers can help you decide whether you want a monochromatic look or an all-out drop-dead bed look:

Types of Layers Bed
The All-White Look

The All-White Look

The white color is always soothing to the eyes. You can create the all-white look by putting together embroidered pillows, a silk quilt, a cut- jacquard duvet, and a luxe Mongolian lamb pillow. This formula can create a stunning all white-look of the bed.

The Monochromatic Look

Making tonal variations of a single color in different tones and texture can create an elegant and sophisticated look. Try linen sheets paired with velvet crinkle duvet to form a monochromatic bliss.

Red Bed Sheets in Pakistan
The Patterned Bed Sheets Pakistan

The Patterned Bed

The most accessible place to create patterns is your duvet cover. Pick a subtle design, then choose one color from it for the sheets and pillows. You can pump up the texture on your throw pillows as well.

The Colorful Bed

Colorful doesn’t mean putting all the rainbow color in your bedding. You can mix and much versatile, classic, and luxe hues. It’s the easiest way to perk your room.

Colorful Bed Sheets Pakistan
Layer your-bedding

How to layer your bedding like a pro?

The mantra is to drape your mattress with essential and timeless pieces that build the foundation of tranquil slumber. We have included all the steps from bare mattress to the final throw pillows to style your exceptional look that hits all the notes.

Here is the formula to create the coziest bed yet:

Mattress Toppers

The foundation of a peaceful sleep begins with your mattress. If your bed isn’t cozy and comfortable enough, you can add a mattress topper. It is an additional layer between you and your bed, an extra layer of a Down Feather Bed can make you feel like you are descending into a cloud stuffed with marshmallow. If you are looking for something more cozy and comfortable, opt for a Wool Mattress Topper. It cradles your pressure points and provides more support. Its resilience to body impressions and breathable nature offers unruffled slumber.

Mattress Toppers
Sheeting Bedsheet Pakistan


Firstly, you need a perfectly measured elasticized fitted sheet. A fitted sheet hugs the mattress tightly from its corners and doesn’t crumble while tossing during sleep. Pick the suitable texture of the sheet according to your sensory preferences. Though there are endless options of sheets available which includes:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Jacquard
  • Polyester
  • Silk

Opt for the one that will give your bedding a luxurious outlook with a casual edge.


Pillows are a great opportunity to add blissful colors, pleasant texture, and dimension to your bedding. Every individual has different preferences for pillows since what’s best for one person isn’t suitable for the other. The mantra is to find the best suitable pillow according to your sleeping style.

White Pillows
White Soft Pillow Pakistan

Pillow Protectors

Pillows should be enclosed in aesthetically attractive pillowcases. You should protect your pillows in their customized pillow protectors to preserve them from dust and yellow stains. Then encase them beautifully fabricated pillowcases, which should be in perfect coordination with your bedspread.


As we all know, blankets are for winters only. You can add a blanket if it’s chilling outside, depending upon where you live. There are various options for blankets like cotton weave, wool, and more. Pick the one that is suitable and runs smoothly to your skin.

Comfort Blanket

Coverlet or Quilt

I prefer a quilt or coverlet on every bed of my house. Coverlets are comparatively lightweight and easy to manage. But both serve the purpose of layering beautifully and are very easily washable.

Duvet Cover and Comforter Insert

Duvets and comforters give a very cozy feeling. Sleeping in its warmness makes it challenging to leave the bed early in the morning. To add style and elegance to your bedding, fold it in three quarters and leave the rest at the end of the bed.

The pattern and color of your comforter insert should be in correspondence to your pillowcases.

Things need to be considered while choosing the one are:

  • Corner loops that adjoin the comforter to the duvet cover at each end.
  • The size of the comforter insert should be the same as that of the duvet.
Duvet Cover
Decorative Throw Pillows

Decorative Throw Pillows

And finally, we have come to the most interesting part; throw pillows. You can choose the number and sizes of the pillows according to your aesthetic taste and preference. Two 26″ pillows, two 22″ pillows, and one lumber pillow can surely make their way to all the rooms and works best for everyone.


In a nutshell, the combination of good lighting and a classy throw produces an outstanding outlook. Whether you desire a dreamy look, a statement looks, or a silk or cashmere-infused blend, it’s an essential piece that makes your bedding “finished.” If you like to put a warm top layer for short power naps, an eye-catching patterned throw will perfectly infuse your bedding colors together. Now the only task to do is to jump into a design scheme for yourself. Plotting your dream bed isn’t tiring by any means.