Safety Measures to Deliver Products in Covid-19

Rainbow Hosiery Continue to deliver its Products

in Covid-19 Pandemic by following safety measures in compliance

with SOP and WHO

As the COVID019 Pandemic touches all facets of daily life for almost everyone around the globe, no industry is untouched. Many organizations are facing a financial crisis and trying to overcome the loss.
To save the economy, organizations are operating by following the safety standards of SOP and WHO.
Rainbow Hosiery is also in the mission to continue its production and shipping of fitted sheets to swallow the loss. We ensure to bring quality sheets that are entirely safe from any bacteria to your doors.
We are producing and delivering our items with the same honesty and passion.

Ensuring optimal health by following the commands

of WHO and SOP regarding Covid-19

In our production house, we follow all the necessary preventive measures to ensure health as per the directives of the Sindh Government and WHO in light of Covid-19.

We have arranged:

• Thermal scanners to screen employees.

• Installed Disinfection tunnels at the entrance

• Prohibited the entry of employees without face masks

• Installed washbasins to make sure every employee wash his hand frequently

• We are also practicing social distancing by keeping a distance of six feet between employees.

Other Preventive Measures Include:

• Avoidance of unnecessary meetings

• Handshakes are strictly not encouraged

• Practicing regular housekeeping, such as disinfecting surfaces and equipment, routine cleaning.

• Disinfecting every product in the dispatch department to make sure customers receive their products without any germs.

Covid 19 Precautions

Rainbow Hosiery COVID 19 SOP Textile industry

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Maintaining Quality in This Tough Time

to Keep our Customers Happy

This is the time when everybody is anxious about the future. We all are trying to adjust to the new normal, but deep inside, we all are worried. What will be the fate of the economy of the country?
We also have that fear, but we are a believer in “This Too Shall Pass.” We are trying our best to continue our work operations with all the dedication and good craftsmanship.
Our employees are supporting the organization and doing their best to lift the economy of the company and the country.
From knitting, dyeing, cutting, and stitching, to finishing and packaging, we strive to maintain the quality at each step.
The Pandemic has failed to stop our International shipping to Europe, America, South America, South Africa, and other Middle East countries.
We are trying to make sure that our esteemed clients will be satisfied with our service.
The packing of the products speaks the diligence and preventive measures taken by Rainbow Hosiery. We ensure that the products we deliver will be bacteria-free.
We also advise you to disinfect the package before you open it to avoid any germs accumulated on the package while shipping.

Textile industry Pakistan

Employee Protection Is Our Priority

Our employees are our greatest asset, and we are trying our best to ensure health and safety for everyone. If any of our workers don’t feel good, we instruct them to stay at home to make sure other employees feel safe at the workplace. We are responsible for our actions and working according to the safety standards. You don’t have to think twice before making an order as we are your same partner to whom you trust. Let us support each other in this financial breakdown due to Covid-19 and fight with the situation together.

We care for you. Do you?

Expecting the same level of responsibility from your side!