How to Turn Flat Sheet into Fitted Sheet?

A smooth and wrinkle-free bed is the most welcoming thing in a bedroom. And, to make the bed always look welcoming and tidy, the selection of bed linens becomes very important.

There is a raging debate about fitted sheets over flat sheets. However, both come with their pack of pros and cons. But the unquestionable advantages of fitted sheets always make it the best choice.

A fitted sheet tucks perfectly on a mattress and makes your bedding look neat and tidy.

If you like to snuggle and toss around during slumber, the fitted sheet might be your best bet instead of a flat sheet since it is tucked under the mattress thus promoting the chance of it getting twisted or bunched up in the middle of the night.

Whereas, a flat sheet is a large piece of fabric that spreads over your mattress and tucked-in from the sides. If you use a flat sheet, there is a good chance that you will wake up in the middle of the night with the thing wrapped around your body.

Moreover, making your bed with a flat sheet is a far more strenuous job. Nothing is too frustrating than playing a tug-of-war while tucking a flat sheet but never getting quite a perfect snug.

Like most of the folks, if you take perfect fit seriously then invest in good quality fitted sheets for bedding. It is essential not only to feel great but fit great as well.

While purchasing fitted sheets, it is necessary to provide the mattress depth for all the good reasons. Because a correctly measured fitted sheet grips the mattress snugly, giving you smooth and flawless bedding for a perfect slumber.

The ultimate solution is to make your own fitted sheets from the stash of flat sheets you have already bought!

Simple Steps to Turn a Flat sheet into a Fitted sheet

Turn your flat sheet into a fitted sheet without losing a wink of sleep with these simple steps.


Things You Will Need

When you want to create your own fitted sheet, you can repurpose flat sheets of your bed size. If you have a king-sized bed, you can make a king-sized fitted sheet out of a king-sized flat sheet, and it will fit your mattress perfectly. Since the mattress comes in different depths, sewing your own gives you control over the fit.

  • Cutting mat and scissors for fabric.
  • Sewing machine with a matching thread installed.
  • Four six-inch lengths of elastics for each corner, at least ½” wide.

Measure Your bed

For the perfect fit, measure your bed before you begin. Make sure there is nothing on top of your bed.

  • Measure accurately from one corded edge to another, laying the measuring tape straight and flat on the mattress
  • For a consistent look- rip and snip off both the existing hems and measure from those raw edges
  • Measure the length, width, and depth of the mattress

Start Working On Your Flat Sheet

Now it’s time to figure out your fabric measurements, and you are all ready to cut your sheet. If you get things done really quickly, you can use this fitted sheets calculator. Simply jot down the three measurements, and you will instantly get your fabric measurements.

Do the math to calculate the measurements on your own, by using the given guidelines:

Measurement A: the thickness of your mattress.

Measurement B: length of your mattress.

Measurement C: height of your mattress.


Width:  start with the thickness of your mattress (Measurement A) and add the height twice (Measurement C) and an additional 5” for extra fabric to slide under the mattress. The sum will result in Measurement D.

Length: To determine the final length of your fitted sheet, add the length of your mattress (Measurement B), the height twice (Measurement C), and an additional 5”. This sum will result in Measurement E. Cut your sheet to size.


Pro Tip: If your sheet has a vintage or any other pattern on it, make sure you cut in a way so that it goes in the right direction!

Cut Out The Corners

Cut off each corner of the fabric. The cut should be a square with the measurement of C+3”. This is measurement F.

To make it easier, fold the fabric in half by length, once again in half by width. It will pile the four corners together—Mark measurement F on both sides by starting from the corner. Now cut out the square, using a cutting mat and scissors.

Sew The Corners

Now bring up the two cut ends at each corner and sew them together, making a pocket out of each corner of your fabric.

Attach The Elastic

Sew the elastic to the hemmed edge at each corner, pulling it as you sew.

Finish Your Fitted Sheet

When the elastic is attached to all four corners of your sheet, drape it over your mattress.


Now you have a new fitted sheet ready to commence sleeping.

Revamp your bedroom with your new homemade fitted sheet that goes perfectly with the interior and color of your bedroom. And ensure a relaxing sleeping experience with this easy hack to turn the already bought stack of flat sheets into fitted sheets.

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