How to Clean Your Room in Five Minutes

The feeling of a well-kept room when you come back from work, all tired and exhausted, is very gratifying and enthralling. But how can you make your bedroom more welcoming and cleaner?

The key to cleaning briskly is to organize your things-to-do list, to ensure what needs to be done first and then gather all the stuff for cleaning, so you don’t have to run around the house a million times for everything.

Assess your bedroom, map out the steps, and formulate a quick roadmap to kick your cleaning in high gear. The key is to attack one chore at a time, instead of doing multiple errands at once to attain clean and tidy space primed for sweet dreams.

Here is the checklist of tools and supplies before you get down to business:

  • Vacuum
  • Broom
  • Mop/ squeegee
  • Dusting cloths and sponges
  • Window cleaners/ wipers
  • Washrag
  • Clean bedsheet & fitted sheet

Get a move on with these simple and easy steps:

well kept room
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Declutter the Trash

First and foremost, clear the room from everyday messes that don’t belong here. Clear off surfaces from last night’s snacking, tags of new dresses, cotton swabs after a shower, canes of juices/ drinks such small garbage keeps building up quickly.

Getting garbage out of the way ensures the spilling or soiling of linens and carpets. If your room doesn’t have a wastebasket, grab a sober one for the corner of your room, it avoids accumulation of litter in the nooks and corners of the room.

Declutter the trash
Clear out dirty laundry

Clear out Dirty Laundry

Pick up soiled and filthy clothes from the bathroom floor, your armchair, wet towels from the bed, and throw them all into the laundry hamper. Opt for an open bin if you can fit the hamper in your closet. Otherwise, the hamper with a zipper can be placed at any corner of the room.

Empty your dirty laundry and start a load in the washer. All your clothes will get washed until you get done with the cleaning mission.

Align your Clothes

While still working on laundry, put all your clean clothes aside. Run your hand across the fabric to remove any lumps and fold them neatly, rehang any new outfits you may have tried and left them on the couch.

For an organized wardrobe, tuck all the shirts, blouses, and sweaters on hangers, making sure they all face the same direction. Pair up matching socks and dust shoes before putting them in their respective racks.

Align your clothes

Strip the Bed

An uncluttered bed with clean sheets and blanket sets a refreshing tone of the entire room. Even if you don’t enjoy your suppers on the bed, bed linens need to be changed and washed regularly because they are always prone to catch falling dust and spider webs.

Strip the bed, change the pillowcases, spread fresh and tidy bedspread, and conclude the bed by clearing the lumps on the sheets and make your bedroom look spotlessly immaculate.

A neat bed can also hold picture frames or books, where you can align them in apple-pie order after giving them a quick swab.

Strip bed Pakistan
Dust surfaces

Dust Surfaces

Now that your bed is as clean as a whistle, the next step is to grab microfiber dust wipes and wipe down all the surfaces including tabletops, legs of dressers, front and back of a Chester, TV, bookshelves and picture frames. Straighten nightstand items like lamps and knickknacks and dab them with pre-cut and folded dust wipes to get rid of dust bunnies.  

Wipe the Blinds 

and Vacuum the Curtains

Blinds/ drapes and curtains also collect dust and crumbs if they are not cleaned regularly. Slick up your curtains with the help of a vacuum cleaner; you can use a hand attachment with your vacuum to get to the hard-to-get spots.

For blinds, vinegar, and water solution works like magic, spray this solution on the top and bottom of the curtains and dab with a moist cloth to lock away the dust from resettling and to make it look squeaky clean.

Clean surface clutter

Clean Surface Clutter

Put the clutter away. Nightstands, vanities, desks, and dressers always become accessible spots for small daily objects which keep accumulating throughout the week. Take out some time and spruce up such drop zones by keeping all the things at their right places because we don’t want to turn it into a game of “where does this go?”, for later.

Keeping the things at their right places once you are done with it saves lots of time while cleaning later. Things like putting the key back in its holder, encasing glasses in its box, and placing it next to the bed after reading at night make the whole process of putting clutter away a lot easier.

Wipe Down Windows and Mirrors

To keep your mirrors sparkling and window glasses gleaming, use any streak-free agents, and wipe down all mirrors, windows, or glass-paneled doors in your bedroom.

If you have young kids at home, clean down right to the bottom of the windowsills, you might have tiny fingerprints down there.

wipe down windows
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Vacuum and Mop the Floor

This is an essential step in the entire cleaning operation. Get rid of dust bunnies with deep vacuum cleaning under rugs and on the carpets. For detail cleaning sweep the floor with a mop, a quick round around the room will also work, but if you have time, take another spin and never leave the spots behind bed or dresser.

To be consistent, start from one corner of the room and work around in uniformity to cover all the places.

For either method, reach as far you can under the bed and move light-weighed tables to make your bedroom spick and span.

Remake your Bed

The feeling of slipping under the cover of fresh sheets is very enlivening and invigorating. Since your bed linens are in the laundry, drape your mattress with another set of sheets and comforter with a duvet for the final touch to make your bedroom look spotless and soothing to your eyes.

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