Difference Between Fitted Sheets and Flat Sheets

Bedding items don’t have a diverse category or confusing options to debate on, but still, there has been a topic of the argument trending over the web, and it is “Fitted Sheets Vs. Flat sheets.” People are not sure about to stick to which one of them. If you’re also not clear about them, read this guide, it’ll clarify the things.

What are Flat Sheets

A Flat sheet is a quadrilateral piece of fabric that is placed beneath the blankets and duvets but over the mattress and is usually oversized. The flat Sheet, also called the top Sheet, has been there since the 15th century and used to protect blankets and make bedding feel more inviting.

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What are Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheets snug the mattress in all four corners with an elastic hem and pockets. Fitted sheets were originated in the late 90s and have become prevalent as they are easy to use, snugly tied to the mattress like a glove, protect it, and create a cozy, smooth surface to lie on.

Use Of Flat and Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are the bottom sheets that are used to guard the mattress and ensure better hygiene as they are machine washable. You can lie directly on it, but make sure to use an added mattress protector under them if you want.

They are elasticized at the edges to fit the mattress snugly and can be quickly and neatly folded when not in use.

The simplicity and swift fitting have made them ideal for adding an extra layer of covers as we sleep.

While Flat sheets are the top sheets that are used as a protector to keep blankets, and the duvet covers dirt-free. Today flat sheets are used with mitered or hospital corners, which is a simple folding and tucking technique to make sure they stay put.

They are used as an extra layer of warmth and softness, or separately instead of a blanket when the weather is less cold. You can drape them over the sides of the bed as they are usually big enough from the bed’s size, and have room for tucking under the mattress to stay in place better.

Some people think that a flat sheet is unnecessary as it creates more folding and manual work when making the bed. While others take it as a vital part of the bedding set.

Use Of Flat and Fitted Sheets
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Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets
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How to identify Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets

Still not sure how to recognize fitted and flat sheets while buying them? Here are some conventional conducts of picking flat sheets and fitted sheets.

The dimensions of the Fitted sheets should have to match with your mattress as fitted corners won’t tuck properly on the wrong size. For instance, if you have a double bed, you should buy double fitted sheets.

If you use a mattress topper, fitted sheets will work perfectly fine, but if you don’t, you need thicker mattresses for deep fitted sheets to keep them in place. 30 cm is the standard fit for deep fitted sheets, but if you need deep fitting, 34 cm Deep fitted sheets would be ideal.

On the other side, you can buy one king size or super-sized flat Sheet for a double bed.

In European countries, there is a trend of using a duvet, duvet cover, and bottom Sheet when making the bed. If you don’t want to launder the duvet cover frequently to protect the fabric from multiple washes, you need a flat sheet.

Some oversized flat sheets can be attached to the fitted sheets with buttons at the foot of the bed to prevent the top Sheet pulling out.

Both flat sheets and fitted sheets are available in different fabrics in the market. When you buy them, make sure to opt for the fabric that is soft for your skin, breathable, and easy to wash and care for.


Making bed with a top sheet or bottom Sheet is a topic for debate, but what the upshot is, it is your choice and your lifestyle that decides. Some people want to make bedding feel more welcoming and don’t feel it tough to do tucking, folding, and laundering. They consider both fitted and flat sheets a vital part of bedding items. What’s your thinking?