Difference Between Cotton & Polyester Fitted Sheets

Figuring out the best fabric suitable for your bedcovers is a tricky job. You often look for a sheet that doesn’t slip off while tossing and turning during slumber. Picking the right sheet is imperative to a perfectly good night’s sleep.

Fitted sheets are no less than a bliss for those who repeatedly roll on the bed while sleeping. As these sheets snug the mattress tightly and don’t pull over.  Moreover, these sheets deliver a smooth finish and save the time you spend every morning in making a bed.

The home textile industry has given you a lot of variety in fitted sheets. These sheets are available in different fabrics and colors in the market. But which fabric is perfect for you? Well, that’s a difficult question as all the fabrics have their own feature. So here we have compared the two most popular fitted sheets to help you decide which one will meet your needs.

The two most popular materials used for bed linens are cotton fitted sheets and polyester fitted sheets.

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Cotton Fitted Sheets

Cotton Fabric Sheet

Cotton sheets have been the choicest staple of the sheet market for a long time. These sheets are produced by natural cotton threads to offer a soothing and refreshing feel. Cotton sheets are breathable, make you feel comfortable, and ideal for a cool’s night sleep. These sheets are fabricated by the eco-friendly textile industry, by weaving together the natural yarns of cotton. The length of the fiber increases the softness of the material. Therefore, usually long length fibers are used to make the sheets more soothing. Cotton is fairly stain-resistant, which means it releases stain easily when wet. Its distinguishing feature is that it becomes soft after frequent washing. Cotton fitted sheets for bed are most famous for their luxurious feel and softness.

Polyester Fitted Sheets

Polyester refers to as a human-made fabric that is produced by the raw materials of petroleum. Polyester sheets are lightweight and skin-friendly. Polyester fitted sheets are also less likely to fade after frequent washing even after several years. Polyester is a synthetic material. It is less prone to shrinking and wrinkles as compared to natural elements. Organic polyester or 100% polyester sheets are also labeled as “microfibre”. It’s a cost-friendly option; polyester sheets drape tightly to the mattress, ensuring comfortable and cozy sleeping.

Polyester is not a very breathable material. It tends to trap heat released by the body. These sheets are easily launderable and long-lasting. It is ideal to use warm water while washing and a low-heat dryer. Though polyester is water-resistant, it may absorb oil or grease and produce stains all over the sheets. This wrinkle-resistant fabric dries quickly, and it is suggested to dry polyester sheets in sunlight to increase longevity.

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Let’s have a look at the contrasting features of cotton fitted sheets and polyester fitted sheets. This will give you an in-depth look into the characteristics of both sheets.


Cotton is natural material manufactured by the soft and fluffy seed pod in the cotton plant. Its fabrication process includes knitting or weaving of yarn into sheets.

In polyester sheets, plastic chips are heated or soaked in water and then pressed together to form yarn. The raw materials used for polyester sheets are the acids and alcohol found in petroleum.

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With due care, a sheet set can be used for several years. But in most of the cases, frequent washing and drying cycles reduce the life of sheets.

As polyester is a synthetic fiber, it is less likely to deteriorate even after frequent washing and regular use. Therefore, it is resilient against wear and tear. Its durability increases its demand for commercial settings like hospitals, where bedsheets are used regularly and washed frequently.

Whereas, cotton gets softer after every laundry cycle. Though its manufacturing includes a biodegradable material, it’s still a most strong fabric and lasts for several years. It is highly durable due to the strong thread count. Cotton beddings are available in the market with a long-term guarantee of no rip and tear.

Fabric Care

The natural fibers are more delicate and vulnerable. Cotton sheets may lead to shrinkage and wrinkles if not taken good care of.

Polyester sheets are easily launderable, and it is advisable to dry in the sunlight. These sheets are more resistant against shrinkage and wrinkles.

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Temperature Regulation

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Breathable fabrics in the fitted sheets provide temperature neutrality. But for synthetic fabrics, temperature regulation is mandatory because they tend to trap heat and make the sleeper excessively warm while sleeping.

Therefore, due to the lack of air circulation in polyester bed linens will result in turning and tossing throughout the night. Polyester sheets are less absorbent. If your body produces any sweat, it traps with you under the covers, causing the body temperature to rise. These sheets are lightweight but comparatively less breathable.

Cotton sheets, on the other hand, are very breathable and absorbent. These sheets absorb all the sweat at night and keep the sleeper as cool as a cucumber throughout the night. Their characteristic of not trapping heat makes them very favorable in warm climate conditions.

Comfort And Feel

Cotton sheets are soft and have a crisp feel. These are hypoallergenic and the most desirable option for people with sensitive skin and allergies. These sheets are very comfortable, and it gets soft after every wash.

Polyester sheets are lightweight and have a soft and smooth feel. It may not be the best option for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies. It is because of the lack of airflow and its synthetic nature.



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Usually, beddings are easily launderable and dried in machines. But some fabrics are prone to shrinking and tearing and require extensive care while cleaning.

Polyester sheets are easily washable in machines and can be dried in machines too because polyester is less prone to wrinkles. These iron-free sheets can absorb oil or grease pretty easily. Such absorption leads to stained sheets.

Cotton sheets are also easily launderable and dried in washing machines on regular cycles. But these are prone to wrinkles and may require ironing later.


100% cotton bedding tends to cost more than polyester bedding. But while spending on the bed linens our topmost priority should be the comfortable and smooth sleep. Breathable and soft sheets tend to provide sound and undisturbed sleep.

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