Lycra Fitted Sheets


97% cotton, 3% Lycra


480-630 Grams


160-215 Gsm


Combed, Carded

Lycra Sheets

Want to get your kids in bed early without any hassle? Lycra Sheets are your best bet. These are one of a kind, best fitted sheets in the UK, Middle East, Europe, and Worldwide which help children relax and have a peaceful sleep. Our best quality Lycra Fitted Sheets work somewhat like weighted blankets by offering a deep pressure input that soothes the anxious mind of the stimulated children.

Product specifications

  • Best Lycra compression sheet for children to prepare them for a good night’s sleep.
  • Cheap Lycra sheets autism firmly slip over the mattress and have room for stretching, pushing, and crawling, which children usually do on bed.
  • Our Lycra sheet for bed is made from a nylon lycra fabric which has the resistant capacity to provide sensory input and makes it the best-selling lycra sheets UK.

Available Colors:

Fitted Sheets Colors

Available Sizes:

kids and baby bed

Why we are different from others

We are the best Lycra Fitted sheet Manufacturer in the state that sells only quality products at an affordable price. Our vertically integrated textile company is accredited among the customers of Europe, the Middle East, and worldwide for its exemplary knitting and quality of the fabric.

We sell Lycra bedding, Moltons 80 20 sheets, Moltons Polyester Sheets, and Melange Fitted Sheets with sustainability and assurance. Our employees put utmost dedication in the manufacturing of the product to bring skin-friendly, hygienic, and beautiful fitted bedsheets that promote peaceful sleeping.

We are the pioneer in bedding textiles, where the customers only get what they have expected.

Features and Uses of Lycra Fitted Sheets

  • Provide a perfect sleeping environment for kids with space to stretch in multiple directions underneath.
  • The bottom section is not closed, which makes Lycra(spandex) fitted sheets unique and best for children.
  • Kids can use it as a tunnel to crawl through both ends.