Shocking Facts You Really Need To Know About Bedding

Ah, I didn’t have a proper sleep!

How often did you say this in the morning? Probably most of the time, when one of your co-workers ask why are you so cranky, and sluggish today?  Poor sleep can foul up your entire day, and you will feel that you have the attention span of a year old. You can’t concentrate on work and sometimes get headaches.

There could be different reasons for not having a peaceful sleep at night, such as stress and anxieties. But did you know that your mattress, bed sheets, pillows, and comforters can also ruin a good night’s sleep? Yes, you read it right!

We spend one-third of our lives in bed, and a peaceful slumber can have a significant impact on our overall health and productivity at work.

Bedding items are the sleeping aids that help a person fall asleep faster. This article will highlight the exciting facts about bedding that you didn’t know and help you with making better decisions in your bedding items.

Washable Bedsheets

Bed Sheets have a significant impact on sleep

Relaxing fitted sheet

Sleeping on wrong bed sheets can have a negative effect on your health and well-being. The fabric can harm your skin and may cause irritation, itchiness, and trigger dermatitis and allergies in people who have sensitive skin. The synthetic fibers and the chemicals used in dyeing tend to cause these issues and also accumulate dust mites as they retain sweat and are less breathable.

The Mystery of Thread Count

The number of thread counts has always been a controversial topic when it comes to bedding. Many people think that the higher the thread count, the softer the bedsheet. But it isn’t actually correct. The thread quality in the fabric matters most, not the count. It’s the length of the fiber that differentiate quality. For example, a cotton sheets made from long strands of cotton threads is better instead of a high thread count used in the manufacturing. So, don’t get tricked with larger thread counts instead focus on the thread quality, which can be determined by the fiber’s length. Longer is ideal.

cotton fitted sheet Karachi

Bamboo sheets are Natural Temperature Control

sheet natural temperature control

There is so much hype about bamboo sheets as they have become the trend in bedding items. If you have any uncertainty about the temperature regulation feature of these sheets, let me clear the doubts. Bamboo is naturally cool and can keep you fresh in summer. It is sustainable, allergen-free, and comfortable.

Texture matters

Perfect bedding is the one with the elements that spark sensation, and it depends on the type of weave that ignites sensations as they come in contact with your skin. These sensations can help you sleep faster and promote healthy sleep.

There are four types of weaves that have a unique texture; they are:

Percale has a crisp and refreshing feel and keeps you fresh while sleeping during summer nights.

Sateen is smooth, soft, and warmer than percale. It is ideal during early spring and late fall.

Jersey is stretchable, smooth, pretty much soft, and perfect to use during late fall and winter.

Flannel is the thickest and warmest of all textures. It is fantastic for long, chilled winter nights as it is a little fuzzy.

fitted sheet texture matters

The color of your bedsheets affects your relationships

bedsheet affects your relationship

Most people might not have heard about this fact. Cotton bedsheets help spice up the art of lovemaking, and red bed sheets are a must for couples to avoid conflicts in marital life.